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Here is a long list of basic herbs and their uses. ONLY use these on a charecter if you know what they are and what they do. ( looking at you Applepaw )

- Alder bark - bark of the alder tree - used for tooth pain and soothes toothaches.

- Beech leaves - used by thunderclan medicine cats to carry other herbs- no effect

- Bindweed - fastens sticks to keep broken limbs in place

- Blackberry leaves- chews into a pulp and eases the swelling of incect stings

- Borage leaves - chewed and eaten by nursing queens to make better milk. Also brings down fevers

- Broom - make into a poultice for broken legs and wounds

- Burdock root - chewed into a pulp - lessens and heals pain of infected rat bites.

- catchweed - stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin

- catmint - cure for greencough and whitecough

- celandine - juice tricked into the eyes to sooth irritated eyes.

- chamomile - strenthens the heart and soothes the mind. Often used by travelling cats

- chervil - for infected wounds and belly ache, often used for kitting

- cob nuts - made into ointments

- cobweb - to soak up blood and stop bleeding

- coltsfoot - eases breathing or kitten cough as well as cracked or sore pads.

- comfrey root - used for, wrenched claws, broken bones, soothes wounds, used for itching, and imflammation.

- daisy leaf - eases the pain of aching joints, a travelling herb

- dandelion - white liquid soothes bee stings, a well known painkiller

- dock - soothes scratches and sore pads

-fennel - stalks are broken and the juice is squeezed into the recivers mouth- helps pain in the hips

- feverfew - reduces body tempreture heals ahes and pains and good for headahes

- goldenrod - good for healing wounds

- heather nectar - makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixture

- honey - soothes infections, helps smoke damaged or sore throats, helps cats swallow diffrent herbs, gives energy

-- horse tail - treats infections and stops bleeding

i got these from the warrior cats wiki, so be sure to check them out if you need anymore help on understanding diffrent charecters or plants ^_^

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