Salutations, AuroraClanners!

Here is AuroraClan's official members to contact on AJCW, AJ, and more. It will tell the official Arche, Natus, Commanders, and Quilabyss.


The AuroraClan Arche, aka Leader, is Ivory.


Ivory-Tambo2525- TYKE: {Rank Closed}{Theme song: Attack on Titans (OP) By natewantstobattle}>> "Ivory; the perfect name and description for DISASTER, and WAR." Those words rang in Ivory's head nonstop. She was still yet emotionless, no matter where she was, no matter what time line, no matter whatever thing in the world, she was only emotionless. Her scar-struck pelage(fur) lines in brown, tan, and black dappled patterns. It seems that the moon always spoke to her somehow.. in some way. Nobody knows a thing about Ivory, except that she is only a quite direct, commanding Arche. Nobody knows how she met Lunarstar, or what relations there are between the two. The only fact on how she became leader is because Lunarstar chose her to be arche at her death. Nobody knows how Ivory arrived, nobody knows how Ivory suddenly appeared in AuroraClan. One thing for sure is that it is not super natural, its simply strange. 

Ivory's Animal Jam username is Tambo2525, as well is her AJCW username. Contact her on her AJCW Message Wall here



Featherin- Sweetiefoxfnafmlp {Rank closed}{Theme Song-[On Titan Reluctant Heroes] By:Natewantstobattle} >>Being brave, loyal, respectful, and inteligent some ways, this 13 and a half

Featherin in AJ

Featherin in AJ

moons feline, shes now the youngest ever deputy ever promoted by Lunarstar her self the original leader, sad things happend in her life like the "flying beast" incident an "Lunarstar's" incident. She was a very good friend to dear Lunar but as she grows up by now her depresson tend to cling to her making more of a serious cat out of her. She's quite a good hunter of the skies and she'll protect the Clan with all her might under Lunar's honour. You may notice this youngster by her Black and unsuall light tan mixed with a odd white patern may be mistaken as scars soemtime, she has saphirre blue eyes and a long fluffy tail, she has sharp claws and teeth for gripping onto branches while climbing trees, she also got an unoticable bird talon scar on her underbelly and her tail since of the bird incident and speaking of which she always wore a specific bird feather on her ear since that life piercing incident, an quite peacefull at times. Mate: None

Featherin's Animal Jam username is Sweetiefoxfnafmlp, and her AJCW user is Sweetiefox~. Contact her on her AJCW Message Wall here.

Xenaria (Xena)- Surv1vor{Rank Closed} Theme Song - [Bullet Train - Stephen Swartz ft. Joni Fatora (Dubstep)] >>  Xenaria, preferred to be called Xena, is a dark grey, light dappled Alaskan Malamute that has a feisty, yet strong-willed personality. This characteristic goes against her flaws of performance in a recent


Xenaria in AJ

battle against the Hounds of Odious, reflecting the story behind her scarred, amaurosis eyes and her feeble expression. Her weakness is accompanied with her abusive past as a pup, weighing her down into her dark era, but regardless of her sickening story, Xena would never choose to back down from a feat she couldn't overcome. In overall summarization, Xena can be misjudged and keeps back a legend behind those solemn expressions of judgement, bleakness, but the striking potentials in the heart of the second Natu of AuroraClan. "Loyalty is truth. It holds a tower in life and would never let it crumble down." Mate: None

Xenaria's Animal Jam username is Surv1vor, and her AJCW user is OTimeWatcherO. Contact her on her AJCW Message Wall here.

>>Quilabyss(Medicine Cat)<<Edit

The Quilabyss, aka Medicine Cat, is Jasako.


Jasako- Riorumble {Rank Closed}>> As a Quilabyss, she cares deeply for her patients, but she has a sharp tongue and has the strength of a warrior. If disrespected, she tends to pick fights but always offers to heal her opponents afterwards. She has many scars on her pelt from her rogue life, and shredded ears. If befriended, she is loyal and will stick with you until the end. Mate: None

Jasako's Animal Jam username is Riorumble, and she does not yet have a AJCW user.

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>>Quilabyss Tyke(Medicine Cat Apprentice)<<Edit

The Quilabyss Tyke, aka Medicine Cat apprentice, is Pebblepaw.


Pebblepaw- Parseltoung {Rank Closed}>> During her training as tyke quilabyss she pays dilligent attention


Pebblepaw in AJ

to everything her mentor says. She keeps pushing herself to do better, after what happened to her last clan. Her pelt is dark with some lighter spots. She only has one scar on her laptis.

Pebblepaw's Animal Jam username is Parseltoung, and she does not yet have a AJCW user.



Keket- Superbananalady {Rank Closed}- TYKE: Shadepaw>> Keket has grown up with Lunarstar ever since they met each other in their Rouge times. They are very close, and due to rescent happenings, Keket tends to have a vicious attitude if anyone harms her, her friends, or in general. Keket is normally silent, but a muscular feline, with a pure night-black coat, and meaningful eyes. Mate: None

Keket's Animal Jam username is Superbananalady, and she does not yet have a AJCW user.