==UPDATE: Ivory, the previous and loved leader of Auroraclan, has granted Aspen leadership. She will be eternally grateful for this exceptional act of trust'==

Welcome to AuroraClan's page! I hope you enjoy the amazing

Treat life like a bird's call. Enjoy it but don't dominate it.

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S T A T U S: Active
F O U N D I N G   D A T E: 10/13/15   
C U R R E N T   L E A D E R: Aspen

S E A S O N: Winter

R E C R U I T I N G: Yes

I N  S E S S I O N: Not currently
T H E M E   S O N G: Fairy Tail Zero OP
 M E M B E R   C O U N T: TBC
O R I E N T A T I O N: The Spirit's Purgatory

AuroraClan~ The Clan that Awaited your Fate Edit

You couldn't stop panting as the caliginous, darkened pressure forced you to push your agility, deeper into the umber, demonic arctic moutains. As emotionless as you were, this was one of the first times fear wasted over you, like your sorrows pulled you into a never-ending hell. It was only a matter of time before you heard elongated, barbaric pawsteps behind you, and you were knocked out.

The shadows surrounded your vision. Your head pounds incredibly hard as you made out a silhouetted figure stepping out with the same monstrous pawsteps. This was no ordinary feline you ran into. Scars raided the fae's pelt, following along a built, muscular, monumental frame. This was a hybrid- and no weak one. Her terrifying gaze carved a demonic new fear in your brain, but then it softened slightly as she walked closer. You scurried back, trying to get as far away from the cat as possible, but your spine cracked a shiver as you bumped into another feline, who looked like he had just the same strength level. But as your eyes ajusted even more, you made out tons of silhoutted figures, and scented most who seemed like rouges.. and dogs. "My my.. what trouble have you gotton yourself into now."

The mixture of felines and canines gazed upon you, lying in the middle of the floor helplessly. You tried getting up, but a certain she-dog's emotionless gaze seemed to horrify you, forcing you to sit back down. "Ivory, do something! This discrace entered our territory! They should be kept prisoner!" A ragged tom growled, rasing his voice from the back of the crowd, and urging you to be punished. You assumed this hybrid in front of you was apparenty named, "Ivory", and she seemed like a leader. "I agree with you, Eclipse, but we must get information first." Eclipse narrowed his dark optics at you, as you flinched under his wrath. He traveled back to the crowd of mixed species. Ivory suddenly questions you. "Well, young one, who are you?" As you murmured your name, and told her that you are a loner, Ivory flickered her banner under the umber breeze. "I see. A loner, eh? Featherin, Xena," She echoed for her deputies. "Take this "loner" back to camp, then we'll explain everything properly.." Ivory turned to you. "You should be glad we didn't send you off with a couple broken bones or a torn windpipe," She beckoned toward your wounds you tried to hide on your lapitis. "We'll fix that up, but in return, you will help us out, and join," The Clan around you narrowed. "Or you WILL leave with mercy.. and never lay a paw on our territory again." You nodded slowly. "A-as long as m-my wounds are healed properly.. I'll join." Ivory gazed upon you once more, before she acknowledged a memorable chant in your head.

Looks like I'm in a Clan now.. This is my new home. My new era. My new life..

Well.. Now.. Looks like I'm an AuroraClanner.

Description and StatisticsEdit

  • THEME SONG-Strike Back- By FairyTail (English Subbed)- Search Fairy Tail Opening 16
  • TAG COLOR-Bronze
  • STRENGTH- 92%
  • AGILITY- 91%
  • SWIMMING- 73%
  • CLIMBING- 30%
  • DEFENSE- 45%'
  • ACCURACY- 65%
  • ENDURANCE- 99%
  • CONFIDENCE- 100%
  • BELIEF- 100%
  • PRIDE- 100%

Camp SettingEdit

AuroraClan's camp setting isn't all complicated. We simply have three Basecamps, one Basecamp for Winter&Fall, one for Spring, and one for Summer.

This is our Winter and Fall Basecamp. Up to the north, we live close to the glistening snow in the mountain peeks. So thats mainly why we have thick, coarse pelts. Our cave is located in a secret, well-hidden location. Find a strange waterfall that is only about three feet tall, and you shall see a gap in between the depth of the mist. Slip in between it and you 

  • Entrance
  • Tyro's Den
  • Clearing
  • Highrock
  • Highfalls/Preypile
  • Nursery
  • Quilabyss's Den
  • Tyke's Den
  • Kanto's Den
open up in a huge clearing with a single large waterfall surrounding a cave with open holes in the sky to gaze at the stars of our fallen ancestors. The ground is woven in pine needles, and oak leaves, based on the fact we live in a forest. Great oaks line the border or our camp, as the thick branches act as a staircase up to the dens. Climb the branches to the very top, there lay a simple hollow in the tree for the warriors den, alongside a slightly smaller oak hollow patched with moss for apprentices. Down near the entrance, the elders den

is a soft patch of smooth leaves, all different shades. In the Nursery, the medicine cats den is in a small hollow nearby. A calming cherry tree towers over the moss patch, as blossoms weave between. The medicine cats den is very well organized, herb patches and calming ponds set on the bottom of the large split rock granted to AuroraClan by StarClan. Lastly, the highrock is the gem of our camp. Minerals crack in between the rock, as annual claw marks from every new leader rested on the base,

waiting as long as it takes for the next leader to call apon StarClan. AuroraClan is held at Tambo2525's den.

>>AuroraClan News<<Edit

  • 9/12/2016- Aspen was granted leadership of 
  • 10/13/15- The glorious original start of AuroraClan. This is where we gained our first members, Crimsonfang and Tiki.

🕊Ranks🕊 Edit

We have advanced ranks, here at AuroraClan. We use cat pack ranks for normal cat ranks. If you have no free chat, don't worry. Just use regular ranks, no need to go through trouble. There will only be ONE Arche, Natu, and Quillabyss.

ARCHE {x1} Leader- The Arche is the lead in command, no other rank shall be higher aside from the Quillabyss and Natu.

- Medicine Cat- The Quilabyss should rise in third, HIGH respect. They attend to others wounds, cure sickness and help the cats of the Clan feel in shape again, so they can return to serving AuroraClan again. This rank is no doubt one of the respected. Remember that a Quilabyss is one that cares for you.  -

QUILABYSS TYKE {x1} - Medic Apprentice- The Tyke Quilabyss is the next medic in line of the original medic. They spend their time assisting the main Quilabyss with handing his or her herbs, and gathering, memorizing, and sorting. They travel to the Moonstone with other medics of different clans, leaving the Quilabyss inside to share deep wisdom with StarClan. <p style="text-align:center;">NATU {x2}

Deputy- The Kanto that has shown that they are ready to become next Arche, coming in second in command for AuroraClan, organizing patrols and preparing for next leadership.


War Commander- Basically the Commander that is one of the best fighters in the Clan, and who is demanding and highly respected. When someone is the War Commander, they automatically organize Raiding Patrols alongside the Arche, and prepare for battles, calling battle lines, fix ups ect.

     LEAD KANTO  {x1}

Lead Kanto- This Kanto that have proven they could be a great warrior, in strength and in will. They normally will become the next Natu, because they are also the substitute for them in leading patrols, and rarely organizing patrols. They are NOT a higher rank then a Natu. 




Senior Warrior- These highly respected Kantos are close to coming into retirement after moons of serving for their clan. 


KANTO {Unlimmited}



Kanto- Normally the main rank in the clan, hunts and defends to help and care, even at the cost of their lives. 


NAIAX {x12}


Naiax - Naiax are the mentors to young Tykes in training to become a Kanto. They guide them through the steps of hunting, fighting, and how to sent for patrols. 


TYKES {x12}


Apprentices- The Tykes are in training to become a strong and respectful Kanto, they hunt for the retired Senior Kanto and nursing Royalls. 




Kits- The Oaklings are under 5 moons and are nursed by their mothers or foster mothers, what nursing queens are called Royalls. They wait until their eyes open, which happens after a week after they were born, or a moon or so. Until they are 6 moons they become Tykes, and then Tykes become a Kanto.




Queens- Royalls are in nursing of their Oaklings, caring for them and closely protecting. Oaklings are normally enemies to hawks, so is the whole Clan. So the Royalls are alert for their kits, eyeing every insult that falls in the path.


TYRO {x10}


Elders- The Tyro are the retired Senior Kanto. They tell the Oaklings the enchanted tales of our great ancestors.


For this shall tell the some of the taken ranks and cats in the clan. I will announce for our Kanto's to place all of their names down in the list. For the names, we allow rouge cat pack names and normal Warrior cat names.


Ivory-Tambo2525- TYKE: {Rank Closed}{Theme song: Attack on Titans (OP) By natewantstobattle}>> "Ivory; the perfect name and
Ivory AJ

Ivory in AJ

description for DISASTER, and WAR." Those words rang in Ivory's head nonstop. She was still yet emotionless, no matter where she was, no matter what time line, no matter whatever thing in the world, she was only emotionless. Her scar-struck pelage(fur) lines in brown, tan, and black dappled patterns. It seems that the moon always spoke to her somehow.. in some way. Nobody knows a thing about Ivory, except that she is only a quite direct, commanding Arche. Nobody knows how she met Lunarstar, or what relations there are between the two. The only fact on how she became leader is because Lunarstar chose her to be arche at her death. Nobody knows how Ivory arrived, nobody knows how Ivory suddenly appeared in AuroraClan. One thing for sure is that it is not super natural, its simply strange. Mate:None










Raindrop- Swagnessforever {Rank Closed}- TYKE: Maple & Nightpaw>>

Isayame- flower4581 {Rank Closed}>>

Remona, (Cri, we all wish she was still alive).

Remona-civilazation4-  { Rank Closed }TYKE: Blossompaw>>A white fae with much intelligence, her fluffy pelt shines like a silhouette in the starlight. Often a rude feline, she can be easily offended, but, she also has bravery. Because of what happened right after her birth, she is known as a depressed, and pessimistic feline. Hated by a large group of wolves, she expects to be killed as well. Mate: Shadowstrike


Akuma- Jammer2tf8v>> Akuma is a emotionless, dark warrior with no personality normally shown. Her pitch black fur sticks out with no pattern, as all of the other warriors have a pattern too. Akuma tends to be mysterious, heroic, and normally just stays loyal, raspectful, and a honorable warrior to AuroraClan. Mate: None

Flood- Fullmoonhusky>> Flood is a very helpful, and hard-working Kanto. During her years in AuoraClan, she normally gets treated with respect around others who grew up with her. She has a thick, dark grey coat with shimmering brown, swift stripes, and a couple scars lining her pelt. Mate: None


Bronzefang- cerella>> Bronzefang is a swift warrior whose mostly quite, but can be a talkitive feline sometimes. She has a small tear on her left ear with a shining brown coat, with darker brown splotches. She can be aggressive at prey towards sight, and at battle. She works hard to respect her Clan at all times.

Darkheart- pizza8901>>

Russet- lovelylala>>

Jay- Redzoe- TYKE: Featherin>>Jay is a serious and sometimes cold hearted fae. She also saved Eclipse's life at his drownth. She has a stone like pelt with grey splotches. And blue, meaningful eyes and a deep voice. she has a troubled past that is bound to catch up with her. Mate: Eclipse

 Glacierstream- Ravensparkle296>>

'''Crescent- 31amelia42>> A russian blue fae with a battle scar on her scruff and golden optics and markings. She is a down-to-earth hybrid, although she attempts to keep the roots of this a secret. She has a rough, cruel attitude when you first meet her, but with her well-known Clanmates she is sensitive and gentle. Mate: Kaito

Destined- Artemis3105

Moonpelt(Originally Moonpaw)- Giorgia>>

Frosttail- Ninjagirl01>>

Opal- cheetah500>>


AURORACLAN WILL NOT FALL! Join today.. and may our fates never fail..


Remona- Civilization4- Tyke: Blossompaw>>

Raindrop- Swagnessforever- Tyke: Maple and Nightpaw>>

Keket- Superbananalady- Tyke: Shadepaw>>

Amur- Wolffang153- Tyke: Shadowpaw>>


Maple- AWESOME20663- Naiax: Raindrop>>

Nightpaw- Bluestar- Naiax: Raindrop>>

Acornpaw- Lynxgirl14- Naiax: >> Acornpaw tends to be the oldest Tyke so far, and is nearing the point of becoming a young, and knowledgeable Kanto. Acornpaw seems to never stop her training, and she is skilled, and kind in all ways.

Speckledpaw- Wolfcub51633- Naiax: >>


Flight- Skyebeby>> A blind yet like her father, Eclipse. She has very immense claws like her father, that's amazingly non-rare for her. She has soft, but thick fur that has pantone,406 fur like her father as well. She is close twins with her yet sister Twilight. Her only relation of her mother is the fact that she is mostly loyal, and calm. But at times her is normally serious. A kit of Eclipse and Jay. Father & Mother: Eclipse and Jay

Shadowkit- Jammer9qmgz>>

Hazelkit- hss506>> A jumpy, fun feline to make friends with. Hazelkit has a dark, pale coat with lighter zig-zag patterns.

Rosekit- Wolf27095>>

Onyxkit- minislush>> A kit of Shadowstrike with a pure black pelt and brown splotches. He is a large kit and he will grow up to be strong. With strong legs and shoulders like his mother and father. Father & Mother: Shadowstrike & Remona

Scorpion- glamgirlsofia>> A bubbly, energetic kit from Crescent and Kaito, oddly small but with unusually sharp claws she inherits from her father. She idolizes Ciel and expects to be his apprentice someday. Father & Mother: Crescent and Kaito

Thunderkit- EclipsedSaturn>> An on-guard, protective kit with a cougar's coat and golden dabs, born from Crescent. He has a secret that he hasn't told anyone about, and he tends to feel left out when watching Ciel and Scorpion play and train. Father & Mother: Crescent and Kaito


---TYRO--- Edit

Azeleapool- Wild246 {Former Quilabyss}>> With a VERY similar completion to Lunarstar, Azeleapool's sweet sent and kind personality leads her to being the Quilabyss. She has the same reflection of her sister when the moonlight shatters onto her fur, just more like a flower's luminous color. Azeleapool tends to have a upsetting backstory, but she chooses not to share it. Therefore only Lunarstar knows about it from her kithood.

Ended Members of AuroraClan, the Ones who Remain in our Hearts:Edit

Remona           Died from severe sickness.

Dawnpaw          Died in EC battle.

Lunarstar       Died in EC battle.

Crescent       Mauled by badger.

🕊Alliances & Enemies🕊 Edit

<center> DISBANDED ALLIES((Clans))-

XxSlystarxx- Leader: Wish (CresentClan)>> DISBANDED

Sly54294- Leader: Finch (The Pack Of Silhouetted Skies (Disbanded) )>> DISBANDED

Fernshade- Leader: Shatteredstar (Breeze Clan)>> DISBANDED

Eliteninjawarrior- Leader: Branchstar (SkyClan)>> DISBANDED

Xxfadexx1200- Leader: Fade (The Hegemony Of Demoniac Hounds)>> DISBANDED

XxFadedmemoriesxX & Bunnyhop236- Leader: Kashra & Kazure (The Pack Of Faded Memories)>>>> DISBANDED

0galaxywolf0- Leader: Nebulastar (SwiftClan)>>>> DISBADED

Rainbowloveheart- Leader: Yurei (The Rebellion)>> DISBANDED


[1] Xxfadexx- Leader: Matahari (The Tribe of Arcane Outlanders)

[2] SparrowHood2275- Leader: Brokenstar (NightClan)>>

[3] RebelPerfection- Leader: Dusk (Pack Of Shadowed Paws)>>

[4] Rosepaw16 & Ninjagirl01- Leader: Lightningstar & Brokenstar (ShadowClan)>>

[5] 5thang3l- Leader: Frost (The Society of Vengeful Claws)>>

[6] Codeandjam- Leader: Shadowstar (Mistclan)>>

[7] suggest- Leader: Redstar (LightningClan)>>

[9] 7199jf- Leader: SIlverstar (AutumnClan)>>


Lets keep it this way. No enemies leads to no drama.

ALLIES((Cats, Dogs, Loners ect))-


Note: Enemies are NOT bordering Clans, the same role goes for allies. You cannot ask to be allies without my permission, so don't add anything! And remember, allies can become enemies, and enemies can become allies. And after that will happen, there is no going back.


Q: Why did you exile ____?

A: We exile members for very strict and important reasons. It may have been breaking the rules, not taking direct orders, or something personal you don't need to know. Exiling other members is a strict topic.

Q: Why haven't you accepted my allience/joining request?

A: If you haven't noticed, we're pretty busy. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Why does it say that my OC has ___ in the description?

A: There's alot of cats in AuroraClan and we may get you mixed up, though this doesn't happen regularly.


A: Aspen isn't your slave. You need to be patient for the leader, we all have lives out of the computer. Please be mature while on the computer.

Q: Do you allow dogs/wolves/big cats?

A: Yes, Auroraclan accepts canines and wolf hybrids. We do not allow big cats, apologies.

>>Schedule for Officials(TimeZones)<<Edit

The AuroraClan schedule is a bit complicated, but you should try and manage to memorize a time that you could get on.

We may have importaint events for when you go away on trips, or if your studying, or any other educational/elongated events, but if you have major inactivity, it leads to you getting demoted, or punished. If you have a event where you cannot get on, please manage to tell our Arche, Natu, Quilabyss, or Commanders early before you get off of animal jam. Here are the best schedule lists of times we can manage to get on.

Ivory's Timezone, EastenEdit

Ivory's timezone is Eastern Time, so this is when Ivory can manage to get on, and this is her schedule:


Monday: 4:00-5:30

Tuesday: TBD, we still host AC on this day (Ivory has Softball)

Wendsday: 4:00-5:30

Thursday: TBD, we still host AC on this day (Ivory has Softball)

Friday: Starts at 4:00, ends at an Unknown Time. On Fridays Ivory is free most of the time, and she can choose when to log off.

Saturday: Starts at 12:00, ends at an Unknown Time. On Saturdays Ivory is free most of the time, and she can choose when to log off.

🕊Attire Code🕊Edit

The dress code of AuroraClan isn't very strict, due because many cats don't have some of these items. Only about 5-10 warriors can bend the Dress Code rules - SLIGHTLY. 

Accepted Pelt Colours((Picture from MistClan))

What To Wear Edit

Head Edit

Skull Helmets ((Members))
Fox Hats ((Members and Non-Members))
Flower Crowns ((Members))
Head Flower ((For Non-Members and Royalls only))
Head Feather ((Members))
Or nothing.

Neck Edit

Spike Collar ((Members))
Leaf Necklace ((Members))
Scarf ((For Non-Members only))
Or nothing.

Back Edit

Spartan Armor ((Members))
Elf Armor ((Members))
Nm Pirate Sword ((Non-Members Only))
Jamaaliday Bow ((Members))
Worn Blanket ((Non-Members and Members))
Or nothing.

Legs Edit

Elf Bracelets ((Members))
Leg Armor ((Non-Members and Members))
Legendary Glove ((Members))
Rare Glove ((Non-Members and Members))
Or nothing.

Tail Edit

Elf Tail Armor ((Members))
Or nothing.

And nothing other then this dress code. Please follow it if you see my page and want to join!

🕊Acceptable Animals🕊Edit

You MUST follow these rules. If you cannot accept to follow this rule, then its resulted in exile.

  • KANTOS, ARCHES, ROYALLS, NATUS, QUILABYSSS, COMMANDERS, NAIAX, and TYROS: Wolf animal ONLY. No Arctic wolves, foxes ect.
  • OAKLINGS: Bunnies ONLY. No foxes, wolves ect.
  • TYKES: Bunnies(non-members) and Foxes(members) ONLY. No wolves, tigers ect.

>>Double Packing Policy<<Edit

This is a very serious category, and all AuroraClanners must follow these double clanning rules.

You may only be in one Clan, and that one clan is AuroraClan ONLY. I will however allow you to be in one pack, but that is it.

You can only join Packs that allow double-packing, or else this leads to MAJOR consequences.

Be aware of our allies, because when you join a Pack it may be a pack that we are allied with and this will create problems between me and our allies leader. This can lead to exile.

Be aware of our enemies, because if you join a enemy pack, this is a horribly bad problem, and it may lead to exile swiftly.

If you are in a situation where you join a pack that doesn't allow double-packing, or a pack who is either our ally or enemy, either drop out or you get exiled. This is a serious matter, and I need you all to read, and see this category.

🕊AuroraClan Programs🕊 Edit

Here is where you come to sign up for special programs to make you a better Kanto!

Battleline Practice

Keket's Battleline Lessons

Lessons with War Commander:Edit

The war commander is by far the BEST fighter in the Clan. They are VERY exprienced in Battles, and thats why we will make them the War Commander. Here are some lessons they should provide:

Battle Preparing Program ((Such as Battle Lines, Roleplay Fix-Ups ect.))Edit

The Battle Preparing program helps you improve on your battle lines (As shown in the picture), Roleplay fix-ups right before battle, and more. Any war commander should be a hardcore trainer, and they want the best from you. This Class will prepare you for teeth and claw ready battles.

Advanced Anatomy Lessons ((Free Chatters can only use this Vocabulary))

>>Joining Application<<Edit

If you would wish to join AuroraClan in the comments below this page, then fill out this simple form to get started. Here is an example:

  • Kanto Name: Insert your name here.
  • Username: AJ username here
  • Gender: She-Cat or Tom
  • Appearance: Make a descriptive, outstanding description of your OC. Describe their pelt, eyes, ect.
  • Personality (Describe with 3 traits): Make these traits outstanding as well. You want to impress us, right?
  • Breed (optional): This is optional. If you choose to tell us your breed you may have a 2% chance more of joining, and we can describe you better if you join and get put in the "Cats in the Clan" category.
  • Do You Know Anatomy?: A basic yes or no. If not, we can teach you anatomy if wanted.
  • Roleplay Example: This is the key of your whole application. It will tell us who you are, and rather to welcome you into the Clan or not. Make this RP example AMAZING. We need to see who you are in your soul.
  • Important/Extra Details (Optional): This is optional, you don't have to fill it out if you don't need or want to.
  • Desired Open Rank((Kanto, Oakling, Tyke, Royall, Tyro and so on)): What rank you wish to have a place in.

That is simply all you need to fill out when joining off of Animal Jam.

NOTE: Do not ask for the Arche, Quilabyss, Tyke Quilabyss, Natu, or Commander Rank. The example above is just to show how it works. 

>>Alliance Application<<Edit

If you would like to form an alliance with AuroraClan, here is the Application. You MUST fill this out in order to become allies in the comments below. Here is an example:

  • Clan/Pack/Tripe/Group Name: Insert your Clan, Pack, Tribe, or Group name under this category.
  • Leader/Alpha(s) Name & Username: Leaders name here, ((Leaders Username here))
  • Reason for Alliance: Basically just explain why you want an alliance for AuroraClan. In the need of help, AC just is a Clan you would like to ally, ect
  • How you found us: Just describe how you found AC. You may have heard about it, found our page, someone told you ect.
  • How we will improve: All you need to do here is tell how we will improve with you helping us.
  • How you will improve: Same thing above. Explain how you will improve with us helping you.

Note: AC does NOT need deals in order to become an alliance. We do not need prey any time we want, sharing land and so on. Its unnecessary when not needed.

🕊Territory🕊 Edit

Our main servers is Appalachian, and Alps in our Clan.


Storm Shelter Hideout

APPALACHIAN: Kimbara&Canyons Pathway ((BattleField and Gathering Area))

ALPS: Zios, Appondale, and Mt. Shivver ((Hunting Territory, Training Territory, and Borders))

STORM SHELTER: Appalachian and Alps, Basement of Secrets ((Secret area not on the Map))

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

🕊Sacred Grounds & Legends🕊 Edit

AuroraClan's sacred grounds is HIGHLY classified areas, reserved for our Clan only as part of our territory. Please note that these places will travel down into AuroraClan's history.


MistFall's Stone used to belong to a Tribe Leader, named MistFall, many moons ago. Legends have it that it has the power to summon mist from the frosted waterfalls below, and cast it upon a leaders snout to send them prophecy's from StarClan. Only AuroraClan knew about MistFall, including her tribe a elongated time ago. This is one of the VERY famous AuroraClan Tyro tales. I wont announce where this place is, since it is only meant for Arches to visit.


Mistfalls stone

Howling Point is involved with a great Legend, as well as a great Tyro tale. The Howling Point tells a story about a Kanto that fell in love for a different warrior from another Clan. Everyday, when AuroraClan used to have borders, they both visited eachother without stopping. The Clans were AquaClan & AuroraClan. One day, the AquaClan fae met with the AuroraClan brute, and the Kanto announced that he was going to a great battle with a rouge Clan that threatened them. He promised he would be back soon after the battle was over. But as soon as AuroraClan returned, he appeared to n'ot show up. A'nd so, trusting the felines words, the AquaClan fae waited as long as it took for him to come back. After moons and moons of waiting, she traveled across the borders from her fallen heart up to the Northern Mountains, and traveled up to the point to gaze at Silverpelt. A tear fell from the fae's face as she focused on the stars harder. Suddenly, there he was, standing right next to her. The AuroraClan kanto looked at the stars with her, whispering, "I'm always going to be here for you. Never forget that." And therefore, AuroraClan believes only a few single words can change someones life. That place became Howling Point, named after the Kanto Howlclaw.


Lunarstar's tomb is a grave area deep within the forest by Aurora Clan's basecamp. This grave was made for Lunarstar after her "fateful"  death. This was a new found legend and a sacred area that has a few rumors coming around a bit. That one rumor is mostly about the wooden arch behind the grave, rumors told that every fullmoon when the light of the moon shine over her grave, then the arch will have some strange "light portal" leading somewhere I beliveve true warriors of AuroraClan can go through it. No cat knows where it leads or really personally saw it, the assumtion is the "strange bright light" that appears by the grave. Some cats thought it's a gateway to starclan but you have to loose your physycal form to enter so thats why not much cats come back. This strange wooden arch was there before they built the orginal arche's tomb, this portal thing is just a mystery and this part of the forest is sacred to all aurora clanners but  not many find their way through the forest as another rumor that this "forest" is gaurded by some supernatural creatures but it may be fake but no cat knows as we all know that it's just a proper resting place for dear Lunarstar.

🕊Theme Song(s)🕊 Edit

Our MAIN theme song is a theme song in the anime/manga series Fairy Tail.
Fairy Tail - Strike Back (Opening 16) English Cover Song - NateWantsToBattle and ShueTube01:37

Fairy Tail - Strike Back (Opening 16) English Cover Song - NateWantsToBattle and ShueTube

🕊Tag Color🕊 Edit

Our tag color is Bronze Raccoons, to represent the glistening mountains combine with our pride.

Tag Color

🕊Anatomy Vocabulary🕊Edit

In AuroraClan, SOME anatomy is required. Here is some fast-to-learn anatomy that is commonly used. And don't worry if you don't have free chat! Just use regular, descriptive speech.

  • Claws: Ephinephrings
  • Paws: Pedistrails
  • Tail: Industrille Flantish
  • Ears: Sagiologio Anios
  • Fur/Pelt: Integumentary Pelage
  • Eyes: Glucomatouces
  • Stomach: Solar Plexus
  • Head: Apex, OR Captus Dimintious Maximus
  • Side of the cat: Laptis

Rarely, we don't use any further anatomy. To learn more anatomy, go to this link, Advanced Anatomy.

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


These are the following AC rules you must follow, and attend to.

RULE: NO drama whatsoever. It's absolutely unnecessary and it will NOT be tolerated here

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: If this rule is broken it can led to being ignored by the whole Clan.

RULE: NO doubleCLANNING. The only acception is one pack. Once you join AC no other Clans.

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: If this rule is broken you are either imidiately exiled if its viciously bad or you will sparr (battle practice) with the leader.. hardcore and claws unsheathed.

RULE: NO Killing other clanmates, unless if told. We are NOT bloodthirsty felines and canines, Darkforest or not.

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: This will first lead to punishments, and then exile.

RULE: NO eating unless you hunt first. Apprentices have to feed the elders.

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: If this rule is broken you will eat the last, thinest piece of prey from the FKP.

RULE: DON'T stress the leader, the leader needs space.

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: This will simply lead to being ignored.

RULE: NO using NN, NM, ND, and so on. Its considered powerplaying.

PUNISHMENT IF RULE IS BROKEN: If your a Kanto, you will recive humiliation and sleep in the Tykes den for a night.

AC editors are allowed to make up their own rules and answers. If you have a rule enter it in the comments with an answer alongside it and we will get back to you.


Upcoming Battles MM/DD/YYEdit

ON 3/12/16, AC is going with our allies, POSP, and a bunch of their allies against ShadowClan for stolen land. This is not AC's arguement, its POSP and two other Clan's arguement. Be prepared when we go into battle on Saturday!

Announcements MM/DD/YYEdit

♥AuroraClan Ships!♥Edit

Here are the relationships between our AuroraClan members <3!

LUNARSTAR & AZELEAPOOL~ Lunarstar and Azeleapool are sisters!

DRIFT & SOUL~ Drift and Soul are brothers and sisters! Their mother and father is Eira and Eclipse!

CRESCENT X KAITO ~ (KaitoScent) Crescent and Kaito are mates! Relationship theme: Tokyo Ghoul "Unravel" THAT SONG WAS ALL KAITO'S IDEA -Crescent

JAY X ECLIPSE~ (EclipseJay) Jay and Eclipse are mates! Their Relationship Theme song is me back to life

🕊Memory Book🕊Edit

Here is some fun photo's of AuroraClan members and us displaying victory photos, practicing photos, or just plain old fun, and silly photos of AuroraClan Moments! Here they are~

Fooling around Photos!

  • 2Sweg4u
  • Crescent's Apprentice Ceremony!
  • AuroraClan and ShadowClan secretbase Selfie o0o
  • We're making it to the top!
  • IvoryClan reunite o0o
  • Sweg Selfie
  • Eclipse (I'm so lonely NOBODYS ONNN D: Eclipse~
  • Cactus rage
  • Shadowstrike caught a fishie named Bubbles
  • Shadow-Kun's Fish Army Arise
  • We don't even know what is with him and Bubbles.
  • Xenaria And (grown) Featherin fooling around with dress up
  • Me and Kaito discussing our ship theme. Sorry for the white lines if you see dem
  • a lung taim agu in a gelexee fur awae aurura clen wuz protest bout chet updet....
  • Everyone knows we have gret grammar. "The sweg has arrived" ~Keket Bae
  • Me and Shadowstrike, the sweg couple <3
  • Antlered Remona and Ivory :D
  • Crescent, Ivory, Isayame and Opal bb all trying to get Jau bae a spike for her bday :)
  • Breadscent singing the AC anthem

Victory Photos!

  • WE WON A BATTLE AGAINST HOLLOWCLAN, 8 of AuroraClan against 20 of HollowClan!

🕊Poll Battles!🕊 Edit

Who should be couple of the month?

Crescent X Kaito

The poll was created at 23:56 on March 2, 2016, and so far 47 people voted.
Who should be Kanto of the week?

The poll was created at 12:03 on March 2, 2016, and so far 54 people voted.


  • Lunarstar, Mockingsting, and Young Featherin C: -By Featherin ((Sweetiefoxfnafmlp))
  • Featherin Fanart! ~By Ivory
  • "I'm not your granny )8u" ~Ivory to Eclipse X'D
  • Meh Tyke starring at ants :'D She's in a mossy field~ By: Eclipse
  • "FELIS CACTUS"~ The advanced word for cat, turns out to be a Cactus!
  • -Ivory Fan Art- by: Xenaria *Surv1vor* (Xenaria-bae never told you she draws anime. Please don't kill me.)
  • A simple drawing of Ivory in battle. Not my best work :3 I'd like to rival suv1vor in anime art. -Crescent (iiBlackOreo)
  • (If it's possible, enlarge for better view) Reaction to Crescent's Rivalry Request Accepted. -May the drawing force be with you..~
  • Eclipse X Eira Eiripse XD By:Eclipse
  • Eclipse's Drawing Request Profile OUO - Xenaria (surv1vor) PS. The background's too simple, ya? Still, hope it looks good.
  • WIP - Members I know in AuroraClan (Sorry if you're not here. :c) -Xenaria PS. Guess who these people/cats/dogs/wolves/idk are. :3
  • Shadowstrike Fanarttt~ By: Tambo2525
  • Auroraclan Editing))DISCLAIME (((By:Eclipse
  • Soul fanart -By Eclipse~ (I DO NOT OWN THIS BUT I EDITED IT!)
  • Eclipse's Drownth with mockingsting saying NUUU XD By:Eclipse
  • Soul, By: Herself
  • The Old Family, By: Soul ( Scourage6655 )
  • Soul Fanart! ~By: Ivory
  • Xenaria fanart! By:Ivory
  • Soul ( scourage6655) X Sol ( ryu1 ) ( not sure it will happen but i made it x3 )
  • Isayame Fanart~ By Ivory
  • For Ivory!
  • I made some Fan art of the area around the clan ~Jay / redzoe
  • Auroraclan, By Soul ( scourage6655 )
  • Shadowstrike after war
  • By shadowstrike, Remona and i
  • By rainbow
  • Souls future kits! Arche, Strike, and Scorch! ( By Soul ( Scourage6655
  • Soul Fanart- Crescent(My brother drew this)
  • Eclipse and Jay ( by Soul )
  • Scorch, Strike, And Arche, By Soul
  • Sorry if it looks a bit, low quality. I hate drawing on computers. Absolutly HATE DX
  • Just an edit I made. Ivory memes forever~ Edited by Ivory with Pizap
  • An old video put together by an unknown member.
  • Crimsonsong X Blank- By Crimsonsong
  • Pebblepaw and Jasako By: PebblePaw
  • Work in progress ~Pebble Paw
  • Destiny~ By Destiny

Thank you all so much for the wonderful fanart! It means so much to us!! <3

Its your, and our responsibility to remove ANY innapropriate fanart thats not allowed at the wiki.

>>Quotes and Sayings<< Edit

"Haters will hate, Lovers will love, but you will live on'''''.." ~Remona~

" If you ever feel like quitting, remind yourself why you even started ." ~Shadowstrike~

"You must show no mercy.. Nor have belief whatsoever. In how others may judge you.... for your greatness shall silence them all..." ~Eclipse~

"Our fear may be high. Our defences may be low. Our strength may be weak. But our COURAGE.. is outstanding. Our CONFIDENCE.. is amazing. And our BELIEF... is unbeatable." ~Lunarstar~

"WHAT does it matter if we're so different? EVERYONE has their own personality, their own SOUL. So stop messing with us, I've HAD IT! We're all the same, no matter what. You may have the right to do whatever you want, but in MY world, YOU don't have the right to be messing with US! We're AURORACLAN!" ~Ivory~

" I was not perfect, for a fact, NOBODY was perfect. The others that judge you by your strength, your skills.. FORGET IT! NOBODY IS PERFECT! We will shred you if you judge our clan, for a fact. I will.."~Eclipse~

"Life is just like the shadow and the light ur past may hold dark deeds and will always haunt you till this very day like a shadow but the light is the future it will guide you to good deeds so it make up from what you did be happy what you have and remember you will alwys be forgiven someday." ~Featherin~

"You never get better unless you try.." ~Jasako~

"I know you've made your choice and there is nothing I can say or do to change your mind. I will miss our arguing about stupid silly things. I know you've always thought you were weak, but to me you never were. You had a rough road, but do not feel bad about leaving AuroraClan. I will miss you deeply, and I know you will miss everyone else. We all make our own choices, some we hate, some we wish we never did, and some we wish we could of done sooner.." ~Mockingsting to Eclipse~

"A talent cannot be passed down from another. Its in you blood." ~Xenaria~

"If you can dream that you can do it, there is no limit to stop you." ~Remona~

"We all had rescent drama, some bad, some confusing, and some plain weird. But YOU create what you want to think of this Clan. We all have our own imagination, imagination that nobody can change but YOU. So use your imagination to stop the drama. We can do whatever we want if we put our mind to it.." ~Ivory to Remona~

"You have the answers to all your problems. You just have to unlock them." ~Remona~

"Mercy could be found in people's hearts but also genocide you can't always trust each other due to their hidden past the cats you see might be masks but there are some truth tellers to whom you know, mercy and trust cant always be found to everone and genocide may always prevail" ~Featherin

>>AuroraClan Editors<<Edit

Here are some of the editors I will allow to edit and make AuroraClan a better page. If you are someone thats in AuroraClan, or if your from the Wiki Staff, I can trust you. If your not from AuroraClan, please be careful editing, please. It takes hard work to process AuroraClan.

Ivory~ Tambo2525: Page creator, AC founder, and trusted editor

Aspen~ 31amelia42/iiBlackOreo: AC leader

Featherin~ Sweetiefox~: Trusted editor

Remona~ XxDarkForestxX: Trusted editor

Eclipse~ Superbowl6: Trusted editor

Shadowstrike~ Shadowstrike777: Trusted editor

Xenaria~ OTimeWatcherO: Trusted editor

Destiny~ DestinedX3: Trusted editor

Jay~ Redzoe: Trusted editor

End NoteEdit

Well, looks like you read our whole page. Let me just tell you something before you go, then.

We are not perfect. We never were perfect.

We may not be strong. We may have never been strong.

We may not have high statistics. We may never had high statistics.


We have courage. And we have faith. Because when you stand side by side with someone..

Your unstoppable.

We're unstoppable.

Its your path to follow. Will you join us?

So who are we?