You pad aimlessly through the mountains, the cold winds buffeting your fur. Scents of cats drift along with it. The stone juts into a jagged path, with loose pebbles tumbling here and there. A gnarled oak arches across the narrow passage, dotted with leaves and white flowers. The only other colors besides grey blue and white. You look up in awe, smiling. Voices sounded farther up ahead. "Come on, I think I heard something." Paws thundered toward you, and you scrambled behind the tree. "Hmmph. They're gone." A young tom snorted, flexing his claws. "Lucky them, I would've torn 'em to shreds!" A new voice cut in. "Easy, tiger. They couldn't have gone far. Lets take a look." He strode over to you, angling his ears toward the tree. "Found them."   

He rolled his eyes. "Problem solve." A silver tabby with long legs butted him out of the way. "Come out. We already found you." You do as you were asked, trembling under his gaze. His pale green eyes reflected your soul as he stared into yours. "Now," he grumbled. "Who are you?" You tell him your name and he studies you up and down. "Okay, from where?" His eyes narrowed as he met yours again. "Do you need to know everything?" The tom smirked and tipped his head. "I like your spunk. The name's Ashensplash. Would you like to join Auraclan?"   


Auraclan is a domesticated cat clan with a back story. Under their first leader's rule, Silverstar, Auraclan thrived. They went to battles nearly every day and won them, Almost without a scratch. These brutal and strong cats were feared all throughout the mountains that they call their home. His deputy, Risingfire, rose to power after he died, leading it almost as well as he did. Patrols were well organized and raids were successful under his command. Their cats fought like tigers. When he died, that generation of cats began to perish, and the younger generations were less obedient, and the clan begun to dissolve. Blackstar is now trying to get Auraclan back into order, but when Ashensplash passed, his hope began to fade. Auraclan needs strong warriors to fight and hunt for their clan!   


Dress Code Edit


  • Fox Hat   
  • Skull Helmet   


  • Spiked Collar (Rare, nonrare, short. No studded collars.)   
  • Jamaaliday Scarf (Black)   
  • Tooth Necklace   


  • Sword   
  • Pirate Sword   
  • Spartan Armor   
  • Elf Armor   


  • Elf Bracelets   
  • Leaf Bracelets   
  • Spiked Wristbands   


  • Elf Tail Armor   


List of Ranks Edit

  1. Leader - Ultimate supremacy.   
  2. Deputy - Second in command; Executes orders during certain situations.   
  3. Elites - Elite warriors are the most fierce fighters, and are trained from birth.   
  4. Warriors - Hunt and fight for the clan.   
  5. Queens - Mothers expecting or nursing kits.   
  6. Apprentices - Young cats in training.   
  7. Kits - Kittens.      

Rules and Punishments Edit

  • No sparkle cats. Please keep pelts realistic.   
  • Do not snap/backtalk ranks superior to you, nor give them orders.   
  • Do not come into the clan using a fox. You will be made fun of and kicked out.   
  • Do not doublepack/doubleclan.   
  • Do not attack a clanmate unless you're sparring or are ordered.   
  • No faces, Emotes or chat lingo.   
  • Do not cross into another clans territory during roleplay. (This means AnimalJam servers and Worlds.)      
  • Do not goof off during serious roleplay.      


Not every crime is punishable by these standards:   

  • Tail ripped off.   
  • Public humiliation/shunned.   
  • Public beating.   
  • Execution.   
  • You must hunt for yourself, get fed last, or not at all.   
  • Exile.   
  • Ear shredded.      

How to join Edit


Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example:

Members: Edit

Leader: Blackstar [Lumunusfox]

Deputy: Scorchfoot [Josephspookywolf]

Elites (Open)

Rainwhisker [Finnbin]

Ottersplash [Ham

Warriors (Open):

Apprentices (Open):

Queens (Open):

Kits (Open):

Allies and Enemies Edit

None yet.

If you would like to form an alliance, please comment down below and tell which clan would like to ally.



Territories, Tag Colors, and neighboring clans. Edit

Territory: Crystal Sands and Coral Canyons of Kama.

Tag Color: Red.

Neighboring clans: Echoclan and Blazeclan.

Upcoming Battles Edit

None at the moment.

Timezone: Eastern