Quotes: "I would rather die than to see a life wasted because of me."

"Are you kidding?! Of course I'll help you, its my duty."

"Don't get in my way, this is what I love to do!"

"I would rather not speak about my past, my future is all that matters."


She is fun and playful, she never lets anything get in the way of her work. She is strong headed at times and only thinks about others. She is always calm during tight situations, yet very unstable with herself when it comes to a cat's death.


Mother: Willowtail (Deceased)

Le Aspenpaw

Father: Darkfoot (Deceased)

Sister(s): Spiderpaw

Brother(s): Shadowpaw (Deceased)

Aunt(s): Reedfeather, Mistpelt

Uncle(s): Sunfoot (Deceased)

Grandfathers: Fogear (Deceased), Grayfoot (Deceased)

Grandmothers: Anttail (Deceased), Dustflower

ThunderClan Status:


Theme song:

Life's Too Short (Frozen Deleted Song) Video above ^ Spiderpaw as Ivypool and Aspenpaw as Dovewing, song and video fits her story perfectly (except for the "Marrying a stranger" part).

Aspenpaw trys to get Spiderpaw to come with her to ThunderClan. They are fine at first before Spiderpaw knows why Aspenpaw came back to see her after joining ThunderClan. Spiderpaw refuses, and an argument starts. Spiderpaw remains in WillowClan




Story: (From 6 Moons to 7, may contain gore-ish text)

A small kit ran out of the nursery of WillowClan, Spiderkit. Her older sister, Aspenpaw then followed, bounding to the group of cats near the log where the clan meetings took place. She sat next her mother which sat beside the leader, Leafstar. Spiderkit sat, annoyed, in the group of cats, for today Aspenpaw turned 6 moons and she herself was only 5 moons old. She had always been a nuisance to her older sister. She never would back down if an argument began. She loved her sister but barely ever showed it. Aspenpaw was the sweet, kind sister. She, unlike Spiderkit, would try to end arguments whenever she could. "Grr, Aspenpaw was too much of a softy when she was younger, she will never make it through being a warrior apprentice," Spiderkit said to herself with a slight, annoyed grin.

A few days later, Aspenpaw returned from training, finding a huge battle between a rogue pack and WillowClan. She quickly searched through the groups of fighting cats to find her sister and mother. She caught a faint glance of her mother, laying under a WillowClan warrior, motionless. That WillowClan warrior was a traitor, he was secretly in the rogue pack. Blood trickled down the mother's neck and jaw. A huge gash in her belly showed Aspenpaw she will be too late to save her mother. But she still tackled the warrior. He quickly slashed his paw with unsheathed claws, pushing Aspenpaw away. Aspenpaw's eyes flared with anger. A WillowClan warrior soon fought the traitor so Aspenpaw didn't have to, knowing she was still a young apprentice. Aspenpaw rushed over to her mother, worried. "Aspenpaw, I will always love you, but I, I, can't stay much... Longer.." Her mother's breathing soon turned to gasping. "WILLOWTAIL! NO don't leave me, please!!" Aspenpaw wailed. "You were always my good--" She broke off, her side stopped raising and falling. At that moment, Aspenpaw's heart shattered. Tears streamed down her cheeks like rushing rivers and onto her mother's blood stained body... The battle soon ended she trotted over to her sister who was severely injured with multiple gashes in her side and neck, with blood still slowly gushing out of them.. "Spiderkit.!" Yelled Aspenpaw's broken voice. She helped her sister to the medicine cat den where she was mended to along with other cats. Spiderkit's teeth gritted, she was still bitter with hate when she saw Aspenpaw being so nice as she always was. "I'm going to--" She was cut off by the medicine cat. "She must rest" The medicine cat meowed, sort of stressed. Aspenpaw let out a sigh, squeezing out of the den. She glanced around the clearing, cats were preparing bodies of the dead WillowClan cats with lavender. "I can't stay here.. Who knows who else may be a traitor around here.." Aspenpaw thought, and with that she started heading toward the camp exit. On her way there she stepped into a puddle of blood, she raised her blood-covered paw, putting it on the dirt. She blinked, seeing what she stepped into. A tear flew into the air as she ran into the forest, poor Aspenpaw was heartbroken, her own sister didn't even love her. A few hours later, she collapsed from exhaustion on the hard, cold, dirt ground, which had little to no grass from multiple twolegs walking by. She let out a wail, so loud the entire forest was alerted. She crawled behind a bush to slowly fall asleep. As Aspenpaw curled her body, bloodstained with her own mother's blood, ready to drift asleep, she was hurt, but she was also extremely tired so she soon fell asleep.

The next morning, she found herself in front of multiple cats. She let out a gasp, surprised about all the random cats. "Look who woke up," a warrior meowed. "We thought you were dead because you weren't waking up." Aspenpaw was still tense, she did not know if they were friends or foes.

To Be Continued