this is a page dedicated to my oc's and my main oc ash fur

Ash fur

A manicoon mix with a unknown breed,she is massively tall and fat she intimates enemies with her size mostly not wanting to,but this mostly happens on kits, her teeth are pointed her claws are long, she was the owner of dawn clan but it is a reck.She hopes one day the leader of thunder clan will friend with dawn clan when she gets clan experience,she loves thunder clan and her clan mates but she dose not fancy xxbluetopaz,but she still loves all her clan mates even him #sosweet

Speckle Tail\Paw

A calico mix,a small feisty feline that walks aroud the dark forest,her mentor was exiled from the clan because CLASSIFIED THE MED CAT apprentice spends her time fixing the herbs or getting herbs OR GETING PICKED ON BY THAT BULLY XXBLUETOPAZ or something like that she is a sometime oc #sonicesosweet

Spotted leaf

a pure breed calico,calm,does not talk,the med cat is the new mentor to speckle tail.not much is known about her since she is secretive. #idkbouther

Tiger Claw

if i need three words to describe her she is big,mean and a grump,tiger claw loves kits obsessive if she could,a good warrior deep voiced the aggressive tabby she plays by her own rules