Here's a more specific list of rules for the forums. You can find the forums here. There's also a FAQ button on the forum board at the top right; click it for extra information!

Forum Policies 

  • Use the Forums or a Blog Post for announcements, fanfictions, signups and pages for ideas/etc.
  • Use spelling to the best of your ability.
  • Threads that haven't been in active in 25 days or more will be removed.
  • Always give your thread a title.
  • Please do not create unnecessary threads. Lean towards creating threads that will explode with discussion. Too much unnecessary threads can spam the forum. Do not revive inactive threads either, consider 30 days an "inactivity" marker.
  • Due to threads often becoming inactive or spamming the Recent Activity feed, you may only create 3 active roleplay threads. If you wish to remove one of them, please ask a Staff member.
  • Although this should just be common sense, no mature, offensive or otherwise sensitive themes in roleplay threads. NSFW is strictly prohibited.
  • Creating a thread and leaving 'wip' or 'roleplay' as its only content is considered spam and the thread will be removed.
  • Don't create multiple threads for different locations in your roleplay, keep it all in one thread. Example: Main thread: Highschool, New thread: History, New thread: Math, etc. 
  • When your thread reaches the reply limit, remove it please. 
  • No spam threads or comments.