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Animal Jam Clans wiki is a informative and interactive database that is based off the virtual game Animal Jam (© National Geographic / Wildworks (Smart Bomb Interactive). Everyone is free to edit, create a page, and chat with the many users on this wiki. Make sure you obey the Wiki Rules of this wiki and take your time to go over the guidelines.

AJCW contains different types of information such as Clans/Clanning, Packs/Groups, Tribes, Characters, Roleplaying variations, discussions, and much more. We are always welcoming to new users, and you may contact or message any of our Special Rights users or Founder anytime! Enjoy your stay and happy editing.

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Badgerclan possible banner by vardastouch
Valentine fanart without name

BadgerClan is peaceful orientated group lead by Theravensaid that more-or-so would rather take a non-violent stance, but do not be fooled; they are not afraid to get their claws dirty when needed to. This domestic cat group offers exciting plots and events

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Valentine is a fun-loving and intelligent tabby-tom roleplayed by QueenWolfie122. He's considered to have a short-temper and sarcastic nature, but that doesn't seem to make him any less of a loving tom towards his family and friends at Kazoku, the group he resides in.

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AnimalJam Dog Packs Wiki - Lynx of the Snow Mountains Roleplay Wiki - FlameClan Roleplaying Wiki - AnimalJam Clan Stories Wiki - Animal Jam Wilderness Clans Wiki

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