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Welcome to Animal Jam Clans Wiki!

Animal Jam Clans wiki is a informative and interactive database that is based off the virtual game Animal Jam (© National Geographic / Wildworks (Smart Bomb Interactive). Everyone is free to edit, create a page, and chat with the many users on this wiki. Make sure you obey the Wiki Rules of this wiki and take your time to go over the guidelines.

Animal Jam Clans Wiki contains different types of information such as Clans/Clanning, Rogue Packs/Groups, Tribes, History, Roleplaying variations, discussions, and much more. We are always welcoming to new users, and you may contact or message any of our Special Rights users or Founder anytime! Enjoy your stay and happy editing.


The Staff are righted users who keep this wiki organized. If you have any questions please contact them. The Staff keep this wiki under control, so if you notice a user or page that is breaking the rules, please notify the admins. If you'd like to apply for any position in the Staff, please see below under "Wiki Information".


Username Position Active?
Aerotron Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Stoneyfall Bureaucrat Active
Icefern Administrator Semi-Active
Fubsy Administrator Active
KhromeExx Discussions Moderator Active
ReadingMinds Discussions Moderator Active
ArkhamHood Content Moderator Active
Risingstorm AJ Content Moderator Active
LaVeyan Chat Moderator Active
Hidden Coww Chat Moderator Active



Wiki Information

Special Rights User Request Information

  • Adminship Requests: Closed
  • Bureaucrat Requests: Closed
  • Discussions Moderator Requests: Closed
  • Content Moderator Requests: Closed
  • Chat Moderator Requests: Closed

Request Rights

Wiki Activity Status

  • Wiki Activity Status: Active

Wiki Stats

Wiki Statistics

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Recent Activity
  • discussion page Talk:ElmClan
    new comment by DawnChorus 13 seconds ago
    Comment: YEEEE
  • discussion page Talk:ElmClan
    new comment by Mistyfeather7 16 seconds ago
    Comment: 🌳Accepted!🌳 🌲Welcome to ElmClan, Mistkit!🌲 Greetings! Your form above has been accepted and you are now part of ElmClan, welcomed as the newest kit!...
  • discussion page Talk:ShadeClan (Fogstar)
    new comment by A Fandom user 29 seconds ago
    Comment: excuse me but if im on i change into my medic oc if someone is hurt  leafspot

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