"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."
Theme Song: [1]Try - Colbie Caillat

Status: Inactive. See: Asla

Basic Information: Edit

Name: Amunet

Species: Canis Lupus Familiaris (Dog)

Breed: Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)

Age: 51 Moons (4 Years, 3 Months, Dog Years: 28 Years, 3 Months)

Gender: Female

Current Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Rank in Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Parents: Unsourced

Siblings: Unsourced

Kin: Unsourced

Mate: Contemporary N/A

Pup(s): Contemporary N/A

Initiates: Not a Soul

Acquaintances: Not a Soul

Description: Edit

Appearance: A silhouette on the horizon. An outlined mist in pelting rain. Amunet obtains a very obscure pelt, although a lighter hue of ivory dapples her flank and back area. Being a large dog breed, she possesses a substantial structure. Her paws seem to be enormous, and create indentations of paw-prints on almost every terrain she travels on. Amunet has an abnormal eye color. As most Caucasian Shepherds have dark, brown eyes, she retains a deep, sea blue shade that stunningly stands out amidst her inky pelt.

Attitude: Studies say that the accustomed temperament of a Caucasian Ovcharka is alert, quick, strong, calm, powerful, and dominant. Amunet possesses all of these traits, but she has a few to add on herself. She is altruistic, being considerate of others. She can also be ferocious, mauling those her cross her, but that is not habitual. She esteems her surroundings, and is benevolent to plant-life. Amunet is also charitable, helping those in need.

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