Backstory: Edit

Amaxon was born to Nami and Darkshadow.Although she never knew her father, only her mother.She decided one day to explore when she had turned 14 moons, and she bumped into the Awakenings Of The Deadly Sins Tribe.And she was in that until she found out something,The tribe did cannibalism.The one thing she hated, so, she ran away from the pack, quitting it forever.She then joined Wolves Of The Grassy Plains.And Is still in it from this day.

General/Overview: Edit

Ellie Goulding - Lights03:41

Ellie Goulding - Lights



Breed-Husky and Western wolf mix/hybrid.

Theme song-Lights by Ellie Goulding

Mate and pups-None.


Pack/Tribe-Wolves Of The Grassy Plains

Description/Breed: Edit

Amaxon is a husky and western wolf mix.(I know she's a hybrid, but she's not overpowered in any way).She has husky fur and western wolf eyes.She has a completely white snow pelt, a black underbelly,amber eyes, and some unusal white swirls printed on her chest and paws.

Personality/Traits: Edit

Amaxon is hot-headed, and protective over her family and pack.She can be caring and nice, as long as you are nice and gentle to her in the first place.She hates noisy cats and kits.Since they make too much noise for her.

Family Members: Edit

Amaxon has no family, except her father and mother which are Nami and Darkshadow.She barely see's her father,so she only know's her mother.She has no brothers or sisters, she was the only litter Nami has had.(So far).She has no aunts or uncles or nieces that she knows.

Wishes/Dreams: Edit

Dreams: Edit

Amaxon one day dreams to be alpha of the pack she is in, although she'll have to wait a while for it to happen,she thinks it could be possible one day.

Wishes: Edit

Amaxon wishes to be forever loyal to Wolves Of The Grassy Plains.And maybe even one day get a mate of her own.Which she knows that may take a while.