Amara's features Edit

Amara is a small Dire wolf, that was the first to brought back using traces of DNA by scientist. Her fur is unusually a light gray, almost the same to a snow leopard but slightly lighter. Amara has bluish greenish eyes, with a fiery, merciless affect to go with them. Amara is extremely strong for a dire wolf, she is able to defeat and end some of the strongest wolves. Amara has her claws reforce with cougars, and keep them extremely sharp, she also wears a heavy orange spike collar, the spikes are normally dogs, cats, gray wolf, and cougar teeth.

Amara personality Edit

Unlike some wolves that see hapiness and found a path to light, Amara has always been at a spirit dog side called the savage-dog. Amara link to the savage dog seems like the Savage dog choose her and not other wolves and dogs. Amara is basically a savage, ruthless, evil dire wolf. Amara is a big fan of keeping herself clean, she can't stand mud and spends at least 1 forth of her day grooming. Amara doesn't like eating the fur of her prey, she tears the pelt of, so it takes a while for her to start eating.

Amara's history Edit

Amara was managed to be the first brought back dire wolf but the scientist put her in a gray wolf pack. Amara had many friends and was always dominate of the pup pack. One day a mad scienist took notice of the unusually colored wolf, seeing she was worth alot of money, Amara was captured. Amara then meet the Savage -dog, who taught her, how to be strong and powerful. The Mad scientist gave her medicine that made her stronger, and did drafting with her, usually pulling extremely heavy weights. Amara was only 1 when she got her orange heavy collar that had teeth reforce. She ended the mad scientist her right paw became stain with blood. She then ended a old cougar, using the cougar's claw to reforce her's.

Amara's fun facts Edit

  • Amara is linked to the Savage dog
  • Amara loves water, and has a unique taste for fish.
  • Amara has many inner thoughts
  • Amara is a fast runner but not the best hunter
  • Amara song : I was raised by the wolves or come little children.
  • Amara name in a African language mean grace.
  • Amara's blood stain paw, is her one connection with the Savage dog if water removes it then she wouldn't connect to the Savage-dog.

Amara's family Edit

Amara has three sister Okami,Asuna, and Midnight two younger and one older. Amara is the aunt to Xiolite and her pack mother and father is unknown. Amara is the mother of Kiri and will fight to protect her family

Amara's flaws,theme song and more Edit

Amara flaw's are she often not a fast runner. Amara also likes to use her teeth more then her paws. Amara theme song is I was raised by the wolves or come little children. Amara is one of the few wolves that are uses both of her paws, despite females wolves favor the right paw more.

Amara's right paw is dried blood, and Due to her walking on dirt, in battle she will swipe her paw in dirt, so her enemy scar will be a infected wound. Amara, despite having a pup, has a short temper around them sometimes. Amara doesn't like romancing males, well... Romancing with her. Amara also likes to be dominate but sometimes she can believe a little bit submissive but this is rare.