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Starry Night Of The Hounds

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Alluring Chaos has not started yet, it will start in 1 – 2 months or when Witheredclan disbans! Until then we will not be accepting any members.
  • Dusk Of War
  • Howling
  • Dustomorus Arisen
  • Howling African Painted Dogs


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♆ ~ Introducing Story ~ ♆ Edit

Your frail configuration stumbles through a rocky pass, you're starving and your thirst is quenched. It's been many long sufferable days since you've been somewhere comfortable, or eaten more than rotten food left in a barren desert under the seething sun. You know you need to get to somewhere, but you don't know where. You feel like you'll go unconscious and you wonder if it's the end. Your stomach grumbles, and your ribcage is almost showing through your matted, ragged pelt. The trees begin disappearing and you find yourself exposed in the open. You need shelter. Your starless gaze falls upon a rocky overhang bringing shade to the sedimentary parts below it. "Shelter." You barely manage to speak. You woke up with amnesia and you didn't know how you got here. But somehow you've managed to find a half decent soothing place to rest. Your stomach grumbles once more, your ribcage rattling slightly. You heave your unsubstanial bodice up. Dusk coming above you, you saunter onwards. Until your dull eyes could see nothing.

It's too dark to make out anything, like the luminous creature suddenly coming towards you. You step back. Then it disappears. You think you were just hallucinating and continue. You look above yourself the luxurious stars glittering above you, it feels like home. A wave of light shines through the clouds and you see a glorious moon, brightening your path. The night was certainly divine! You felt energy now, and you wanted to climb the barren mountain! But the condition your in tells you to hunt, then you luckily come upon a murky stream of water when your eyes adjust. Regaining your confidence you trod up the pass, needing the prey. Then you see the luminous figure again. Standing tall on a rock that cast dark shadows below, reaching your sore paws. The silhouette leaps down and pads slowly over to you. It's luminous eyes piercing into you. You want to run. But you can't. The creature's expression mesmerizes you, like something you've seen before but could never reach. You're drawn in, strange echoes sounded behind you as more silhouettes appeared. You looked again, there was not one figure, but two. Both magnificent yet lethal creatures with something demonic in their eye. The moon behind them made them look angelic, on a glorious night like this, under the glowing light of the stars, you felt like nothing was impossible. This was home. The creature gave an atrocious grin. "Perhaps another one of our opponents trespassing again." You suddenly bow, hearing the authority in the canine's voice. "I don't recognize her." The other speaks. "Too weak to be one of them anyway." A shooting star crosses the sky. Magnificent rays of light trailing from it. "Up here the stars shine their brightest and we see what no other's see, just because we're Darkrealmed doesn't mean we can't be about the beauty of the night and up above in the skies, it's our home it's where we belong." Her voice soothes you. "You can be apart of that." You nod in need of a home. Something these canines will give you. A new home. "Come this way, into the Whispering Cavern, the home of a holy pool under the rocks, let the moon's light guide you." Everything darkens as you walk through the tunnel. It's the beginning of an everlasting journey with your newly found companions.

♆ ~ Introduction ~ ♆ Edit

This is Alluring Chaos! The Darkrealmed Pack of African Painted Dogs only! Outsiders may say we are vicious and savage, but we keep our allies close and our enemies even closer. Our pure insanity does make us unpredictable. But if you look inside, we are a loving Pack, overprotective of our companions and what makes us truly a Pack. We sleep under the stars and tell tales about the many hunts and victories we've overcome, we wear the night like a coat and a mask, using it to our advantage, We are led by two alphas. Scythe ( Buelljam ) and Minivermoo. We each have a Beta to ourself and one Delta. Our ranks will be posted below. We only accept AFRICAN PAINTED DOGS. For the one's joining, we recommend you learn a little about your breed. Your pelt will have to look like ours but in it's own unique way, every African Painted Dog has a different pelt but all similar to each others, I posted a picture of what we look like below
African Painted Dog - look ideas

African Painted Dog

♆ ~ Our Curse ~ ♆ Edit

Many many countless moons ago, we were a Lightrealmed pack of peace. We only saw the beauty of the spring flowers, and wandered the plains, hunting and visiting with one another. One starry night, the night of a grave eclipse that would cast many shadows onto the Earth. The canines were undaunted. They slept under the open skies, the divine beauty making them want to stay there forever. When the dogs were lost in their slumber, two lay awake, wondering if there was more to life than just the open fields and loving one another, it got boring, they did the same thing everyday. The two dogs, not knowing that they were both awake. Got up to look around. Gently padding among the green grass, they stumbled upon a cave, both on either side. A small entrance, leading into a dark and damp room. Out of curiosity, they both went inside. It was too dark to see their own paws, but drawn by curiosity they still went onward. Light up ahead! It was a strange scarlet shade, as they both walked closer into the heart of the mysterious cavern, the red light lit up the cavern, the dog whipped it's head around! A blood moon was lighting up the cavern! Both dogs wanted to get out of there. They both ran forward, colliding into each other and both giving barks of terror. When they looked into each other's eyes they stepped back. A small pool formed around them. But it wasn't water. It was blood! Then everything turned dark as strange shadows were casted overhead, the lunar eclipse had started! Their minds began to change and they were corrupted by the wicked sky and the blood on their paws. The two canines now had a sharp bond between each other, and wanted to share it with the Pack. Together they taught the Pack their devious, demonic, sinister ways, and the Pack was corrupted to be dark forever. What Alluring Chaos.

♆ ~ Territories ~ ♆ Edit

We have our eyes set on Kimbara or Canyons, but we do not plead for war over them. We have not started so those territories are safe for whoever has them.

♆ ~ Ranks ~ ♆ Edit

In Alluring Chaos we have numerous ranks that can be achieved by strength or volunteers, though we have not started we already have some closed for when we do start.

✣ ~ Alpha 1 - One of two alphas of the pack - ( Closed ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Alpha 2 - One of two alphas of the pack -( Closed ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Beta 1 - The Beta of one of the Alphas -( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Beta 2 - The Beta Of The Other Alpha - ( Closed ) ~ ✣ Edit



✣ ~ Delta - Like a Co-beta, ( If One Beta Quits Delta Will Fill It's Spot ) - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Elites - Higher Ranked Hounds - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Bloodhounds - Ones that track down enemies and are used as spies - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Lead Bloodhound - Leads The Bloodhounds - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit



✣ ~ Hounds - Basic Warriors - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


✣ ~ Trainees - Apprentices - ( Open ) ~ ✣ Edit


~ More To Be Announced ~

♆ ~ Members ~ ♆ Edit

Will be enlisted when the pack has fully started.

Rank Username Roleplay Name
Leader Buelljam ?????
???? rocky6452 ?????

🐶 ✶✴ ~ Rules ~ ✴✶ 🐶 Edit

☀ ~ Double packing or clanning will NOT be tolerated. You'll be gruesomely punished.

☀ ~ Gold tag at all time, you'll be lightly punished if you continue to have a different tag.

☀ ~ No attacking without permission of the Alphas, it creates a bad image on our pack

☀ ~ No spying without permission, will be considered Double packing.

☀ ~ You can only challenge higher ranks in a rank tournament.

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Free for the whole pack to add drawings or screenshots!