Welcome to an article with vocabulary terms that everyone can use.

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Vocabulary is a more sophisticated diction that is strategized by many roleplayers and groups. Not everyone uses it, but a few want to discover these terms! Some might not seem too "smart" and can be used in traditional roleplay. Have fun!


Black: Atramentous, Atramental, Ebony, Obsidian, Onyx, Sable, Inky, Raven, Bleak, Swarthy

Grey: Achromatic, Achromic, Slate, Ashen, Silver, Granite, Somber, Heather, Sere, Dull, Gloomy, Hoary, Argent, Argentine. 

White: Alabaster, Frost, Ivory, Milky, Pale, Bleached, Wan, Pallid, Light, Pure, Chalky.

Red: Sanguine, Cerise, Scarlet, Crimson, Russet (reddish-brownish), Cardinal, Maroon, Garnet, Vermilion, Burgundy, Florid, Ruby, Blushing, Ruddy, Rubicund, Ginger, Roseate. 

Blue: Cobalt, Azure, Sapphire, Cyan, Cerulean, Ultramarine, Indigo, Livid, Navy, Berlin, Smalt.

Green: Beryl, Emerald, Lime, Jade, Olive, Malachite

Yellow: Amber, Golden, Blonde, Chrome.

Brown: Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Bronzed, Hazel, Sepia, Auburn, Sorrel, Aureate, Buff, Cadmium, Copper, Chestnut, Umber.

Tan: Tawny, Beige, Cream,


Fur/Pelt: Pelage, Hide, Fleece, Epidermis

Soft: Velvet, Satin, Silk, Velour,

FLUFFY: Indistinct, Floccose, Downy, Fleecy, Flocculent.

STRONG: Brawny, Stalwart, Muscular, Herculean, Arduous, Firm, Robust.

LARGE: Monstrosity, Monumental, Voluminous, Colossal, Enormous, Gargantuan, Massive, Mountainous, Towering, Grandoise, Monolithic, Immense, behemoth.

SMALL: Diminitive, Petite, Infinitesimal, Liliputan, Miniscule. 

ATTRACTIVE: Alluring, Exquisite, Elegant, Beauteous, Admirable, Statuesque, Divine, Majestic, Picturesque, Suave, Pulchritudinous, Prepossessing, Ravishing, Resplendent, Superb, Radiant, Sublime.

THIN: Slender, Delicate, Tenuous, Fragile.

UNHEATHLY: Skeletal, Cadaverous, Ill, Diseased, Detrimental.

OVER WEIGHT: Stout, Obese, Corpulent, Plump, Beastly.

NOSE: Muzzle. 

BLIND/BLINDNESS: Aumaurosis, Sightless.

EYES: Spheres, Orbs, Optics, Visionaries.

SHARP: Serrated, Precipitous.

CLAWS: Retractables, Unguis.

STOMACH: Solar Plexus, Abdomen,

BACK: Extremity.

TAIL: Caudal Appendage, Dorsal.

THROAT: Larynx, Esophagus, Trachea, 

JAW: Maxilla (upper), Mandible (lower), Jowls

HOARSE (VOICE): Husky (Huskily), Rasping, Grating, Strident, Throaty, Dry, Gruff, Rouch, Gutteral, Ragged, Discordant, Croak.

YOUNG: Youthful, Adolescent, Callow, Unfledged, Infantile, Puerile, Underdeveloped. 

OLD: Elderly, Aged, Senior, Eldest, Venerable, Antiquated, Archaic.

CLEAR: Crystalline, Transparent, Limpid, Transluscent, Unclouded, Diaphanous, Pellucid, Lucid.

DIRTY: Contaminated, Polluted, Unkempt, Disheveled.

SCENT: Aroma, Fragrance, Pheromone, Odor, Indication.


KIND/KINDNESS: Sympathetic, Benign, Compassionate, Benevolent, Affectionate, Courteous, Mannered, Empathy/Empathetic,

HAPPY: Ecstatic, Content, Blissful, Delighted, Gaiety (happiness), Pleasant, Gleeful, Jovial, Satisfied,

GENTLE: Vigilant, Moderate, Temperate, Tranquil,

ROUGH: Indecorous, Coarse, Rugged, Crude, Difficult, Arduous. 

ENERGETIC: Boisterous, Rambunctious, Enthusiastic, Overzealous, Ardent, Eager, Avid.

SCARED: Terrified, Petrified, Horrified, Frightened, Cowardice, Consternation, Apprehensive, Dismayed, Timorous, Timid, Pusillanimous.

SAD: Depressed, Dismal, Melancholy, Sorrowful, Lugubrious, Pessimistic, Negative, Despondent, Bleak, Morose, Forlorn, Cheerless, Dejected, Despairing, Sullen, Sardonic, Disheartened, Dispirited, Doleful, Disconsolate, Disenchanted, Downcast, Misanthropic, Disillusioned, Mournful, Desolate, Dolorous, Defeatist, Dour, Low-spirited, Anguished, Derisive.

AMUSED: Gratification, Diverted, Enjoyed, Gladsome, Exhilarated, Pleased, Jovial.

CREEPY: Eerie, Menace, Ominous, Gruesome, Macabre, Disturbing, Ghoulish, Dreadful, Sinister, Uncanny, Unearthly, Grisly, Haunting, Menacing, Grim. 

EVIL: Corrupt, Malevolent, Wicked, Villainous, Sinister, Antagonizing, Vice, Calamity, Affliction, Depraved, Vile, Sinful, Vicious, Heinous, Nefarious.

IN PAIN: Agonized/In Agony, Torture, distress, Affliction, Torment, Suffering, Excruciating, Tribulation, Travail. 

HARSH: Astringent, Insensitive, Cacophonous, Belligerent, Antagonistic, Splenetic, Indignant, Atrocious, Abrupt, Loathsome.

AGGRESSIVE: Belligerent, Antagonistic, Incandescent 

ANGRY: Splenetic, Incandescent (really angry), Apathetic/Apathy, Indignant/Indignation, Pique.

INTIMIDATING: Daunting, Threatening, Terrorize, Hector, Discourage, Ominous.

TERRIBLE: Appalling, Awful, Atrocious, Loathsome, Dreadful, Ghastly, Vile, Horrendous, Dire.

DISGUST: Repulse, Revolt, Disenchant, Sicken, Nauseate, Antipathy, Abhorrence, Aversion, Repel, Distaste. 

SECRETIVE: Vague, Enigmatic, Cautious, Ominous, Furitive, Reserved, Reticent, Clandestine, Underhand, Covert.

POWERFUL: Dominant, Vigorous, Ambitious, Omnipotent, Vigorous, Muscular, Robust, Authoritative. 

GUILT: Culpability, Onus, Indiscretion, Remorse, Criminality, Fault, Repentance, Contrition, Shame, Transgression.

INNOCENCE: Virtuousness, Immaculateness, Chastity, Sincerity, Virtue, Naive, Purity, Candor, Sincerity.

SHOCK: Devastation/Devastated, Astonishment/Astonished, Awe, Astound, Outrage, Stun.

CALM: Composed, Serene, Harmonious, Bucolic, Pacific, Reposeful, Soothed, Moderate, Unruffled, Cool, Peaceful, Pacified, Imperturbable.

ANXIETY: Angst, Apprehension, Consternation, Dread, Uneasiness, Alarm, Fear, Worry, Distress, Dismay, Anguish, Misery, Angst, Misgiving, Panic, Perturbation.

EMBARRASSMENT: Mortification, Unease, Chagrin, Shame, Discomfit, Disconcert, Abash, Humiliation, Vexation, Humility, Abase, Discomposure. 

PRIDE: Repletion, Haughtiness, Conceit, Vanity, Boastful, Egoism, Arrogance, Loftiness, Insolent, Smug, Dignitant. 

BOREDOM: Ennui, Monotony, Tediousness.

INTEREST: Intrigued/Intrigue, Concern, Facination, Curiosity, Benefit.


TO RELEASE CLAWS: Extract(ed), Unsheathe/Unsheath, Extricate, Liberate (or to release),

TO RETRACT CLAWS: Sheathe/Sheath, Withdraw/Withdrew, Retract, Regress,

TO BACK AWAY: Recede, Retreat, Withdraw/Withdrew,

TO WRAP AROUND: Entwine, Sinuate, Wreathe,


MOVE UPWARD: Ascend, Heave,

POURING: Cascade, Descend, 

WITHOUT THINKING: Instinctively, Summarily, Unhesitatingly,

TO SOOTHE: Appease, Pacify

TO CLEAN: Cleanse, Groom, Expurgate, Sanitize, 

SWAY: Fluctuate, Oscillate, Teeter, Undulate,

LEAP: Precipitate/Precipitated, Ascended, Escalated, Skyrocketed, Inflate,

TO STUDY: Examine, Inspect, Eye, Analyze, Deliberate,

SIT: Ensconce, Perch,

GROWL: Snarled, Bellowed,

HISS: Rasp,

SHAKING UNCONTROLLABLY: Convulse, Shudder, Writhe,

WALK/PAD: Saunter, Promenade, Amble,

NARROW: Constrict, Compress, 

WIDEN: Broaden, Extend,

FLEX: Yield/Yielded,

DUCK: Submerge, Elude, 

SHIFT: Reallocate, 


HOT: Scorching, Incandescent, Oppressive,  Scalding, Broiling, Roating, Searing, Acrimonious, Sultry, Blistering.

COLD: Bitter, Wintry, Arctic, Polar, Frigid, Siberian, Glacial, Frosty,

WIND: Zephyr, Mistral, Gale, Breeze, Tempest, Draft, Gust, Breath(e).

WATER: Marine, Aqua, Oceanic, Nautical.

CLOUDS: Condensation, Haze, Vapor, Cumulus, Mists, Dims. 

RAIN: Precipitation, Deluge, Drizzle, Shower.

SKY: Celestial Sphere, Weklin, Ether, Heavens,

AIR:  Ventilation,

SNOW: Blizzard, Snowfall, snow flurry

LAND: Terra Firma, Terrain,

FOREST: Taiga, Forestry,

PREY: Game, Quarry,

DIRT: Earth, Soil, 

DARK: Obscure, Somber, Opaque, 

BRIGHT: Luminous, Radiant, Argent, Auroral, Phosphorescent,

LIGHT: Illumination, Beacon, Radiance, Coruscation, Phosphorescence,

SHADOW: Adumbration, Silhouette, Umbrage/Umbra, Penumbra,


SCRATCHES/WOUND: Scarification, Abrasions, Laceration, Incision, Gash,

TO SCRATCH: Scar, Sever, Lacerate, Incise, Scarify, Abrasion, Blemish, Gash,

OPPONENT: Adversary, Competitor, Rival, Opposition, Foe, Disputant, Litigant, Counteragent,

BATTLE: Confrontation, Conflict, Crusade,

TO BATTLE: Confront,

DEAD: Deceased, Lamented, 

DEATH: Quietus, Obliteration, Eradication, Expiry,