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A large tom cat with a base color of rough tan, with dapples of a creamy dark brown rippling across his body with freckles of darker, rough brown spanning across his legs, face and tail, mostly around the spots. His frame is rough and burly, with a long, fluffy tail. His eyes are a softly dark green, with sharp flecks of yellow. His legs, in particular, are built for climbing.

Acorn /ˈāˌkôrn/; Fur color, curiosity; the fruit of the oak, a smooth oval nut in a rough cuplike base.

-leap /lēp/; Good jumper, good climber; jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

FORMER NAME(S) Charlie, Oliver
AGE 15 Moons
SEXUALITY Homosexual


  • Efficient [+]; When given a duty, Acornleap will follow through and through until it's done.. Or at least work as hard as he can.
  • Patient [+]; On any given day(except especially bad ones), Acornleap can be found given an ear to anyone who needs listening to.
  • Sweet [+]; Acornleap is a rather pleasant-to-be-around tom, just kind of endearingly calm.
  • Urbane [=]; Acornleap, in a much softer tone than the word's intent, is suave. He tries to be as formal as possible, but can't help to cracking little jokes, even in a refined manner.
  • Mature [=]; Acornleap acts as mature as he can be, but like said above, he can't help cracking that barrier. He's professionally mature, more-so to say.
  • Insecure [=]; Although his build is something to be proud of, Acorn can't help but feeling a sort of insecurity, like he's just not that perfect others want him to be.
  • Forgetful [-]; Acornleap is slightly forgetful, leaving out slight details in ideas of orders. He'll remember the most important parts, to him, but leave out little details.
  • Sedentary [-]; At times when the day is just so dull, Acornleap is pulled to the ground to be sat still. He sometimes just can't find the courage, or need, to get up and move, and this is most likely from being a kittypet for so long. 
  • Timid [-]; Acornleap shows a lack of confidence, making interactions mostly harder than they should be. 


  • Acornleap gets very nervous easily. Loud noises and unsteady fast movement can get him anxious.
  • When he laughs, his ears twitch oddly.
  • Acornleap, just leaving his kittypet home at twelve-and-a-half moons, knows very little of "wild life," as he calls it.
  • Acornleap doesn't know that he's homosexual yet, seeing as he's barely met any other cats than his family.


  • Medium length fur
  • Soft, but rough fur
  • Well-sized, fluffy tail
  • Almond-shaped eyes
  • Burly, climbing-built legs


  • Scent: Acornleap smells of sweet syrup to the likes of maple syrup, with hints of mossy, earthy scents.
  • Acornleap is a cat made for climbing. He's not very good at running.


  • Offense: 5/10
  • Defense: 6/10
  • Speed: 5/10
  • Agility: 5/10
  • Leadership: 6/10
  • Hunting: 5/10
  • Fishing: 0/10
  • Flying Prey: 6/10
  • Ground Prey: 5/10
  • Climbing: 8/10
  • Balance: 10/10
  • Swimming: 0/10
  • Stealth: 6/10
  • Intelligence: 8/10


  • N/A



  • Pelt Colors: Brown, black, tan
  • Eye Colors: Blue, amber, yellow
  • Body Shape: None in particular 
  • Pelt Patterns: Dappled, solid


  • Personality: Respectful, charming
  • Actions: Hardworking, loyal, charming
  • Age: Anything around his age


  • Prey: Jays
  • Flower: Crocus
  • Herb: Honey
  • Color: Blue
  • Season: Green-Leaf
  • Weather: Temperate, partly cloudy sunny days
  • Scent: Air after a downpour
  • Time of Day: Sunrise


  • tba


  • tba


  • Pelt Colors: Bright golden
  • Eye Colors: Reddish-amber
  • Body Shape: Severely overweight or severely underweight
  • Pelt Patterns: Hairless, excessive striping
  • Personality: Irrational, clingy, egotistical
  • Actions: Try-hard, brash
  • Age: Over 20 moons than him
  • Scarred?: Doesn't matter(he thinks they're kinda cute though)


  • Prey: Fish
  • Flower: Coleus
  • Herb: Dock
  • Color: Pink
  • Season: Leaf-Bare
  • Weather: Overbearingly cold
  • Scent: The smell of babies/two-leg kits
  • Time of Day: Moonhigh


  • idk


  • Name(s) gained: Charlie, Oliver
  • At birth, his mother was a large mottled tabby cream she-cat with dark brown stripes and lighter brown mottled spots and harsh blue eyes. Father forgotten, mayhaps some tom wandering the streets or forest line, she gave birth on a colder-than-usual mid Green-Leaf evening. The queen's name was Ellie, and her four kits all bore bluish-green eyes. The siblings also all had the creamy browns of their mother, and the two toms specifically shown traces of freckles to grow into, with three she-kits resembling their mother.
  • Ellie named the first female to come out Mya, who was mainly a creamy brown. Her twin, the second female, was named Lyla. tbc
  • Cat(s) met: Ellie(mother), Mya(sister), Lyla(sister), sibling(brother), sibling(sister)
  • Scar(s) gained


[♀= Female] [♂= Male] [◕= Best Friends] [◑= Friends] [◔= Acquaintances] [◐= Disliked] [◉= Hated] [❧= Crushing on] [☙= Being crushed on by] [♥= Mate] [♠= Ex-Mate] [ღ= Courting] [☠= Deceased] [▽= Mentor] [△= Apprentice] [★= Loyal to] [⊗= Previously loyal to] [❃= Kin] [●= Growing on(relationship moving up)]


SparrowClan [★, ◑]
"Everyone's so welcoming, once you warm up. It's all very fast moving, kind of overwhelming. Some cats hate kittypets, others indifferent, but it isn't too bothersome. Of course cats have opinions! It's a huge family of diverse felines!"

SparrowClan is the first Clan that Acornleap has ever heard of, and he adores it. He's a rather socially-motivated cat and living alone as a kittypet was rather dragging.


Ryestar ♀[★, ◔]
"Ryestar's a great leader! Not like I've met any other leaders, though... so. I think she's great, at least."

Acornleap has no real noticeable connection to his leader, but he thanks her a ton for accepting him, a kittypet, into a Clan.

Plumtooth ♀[◔]
"She was a pretty good tour guide."

Like Ryestar, Acornleap has no real connection with Plumtooth but he thinks she's pretty swell. She gave him the tour of the camp and territories. (also plumtooth is my 2nd oc so yeah)

Fawnpaw ♀[◑]
"Aw man, I'm really sorry. I'm glad we're still friends, and her confession won't get ahead of our friendship. I love her, but in an overprotective friend way. I feel awful for not being there when the bobcat attacked you!"

Fawnpaw was the first cat Acornleap voluntarily got up and talked to, and he's for sure glad he did. He thought her stutter would be hard at first, but it's made her more lovable. With her confession of love, Acornleap was actually sure he loved her, but something inside him said that it was just friendship.

Wormtail ♂[◔]
"Poor tom, hairless. It must get so cold! I would give him a bit of my fur, but, then I'd be cold!"

During a chat in the clearing with the Clan, Acornleap met Wormtail after an elder, Halffoot, wrongly bursted out at the hairless tom. Acornleap isn't really "friends" with this cat but he thinks he's pretty interesting.

Silverflight ♀[◔]
"She's pretty nice and friendly. Not afraid to crack a joke!"

During a chat in the clearing one day, the same as Wormtail. He thinks she's pretty nice and isn't truly "friends" with her.


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