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Accalia The WolfEdit

Name: Accalia

Gender: Female

S.O: Straight

Species: Grey Wolf

Age: 21 moons

Group:  The Society of Secluded Silhouettes

Friends: Most of the pack (since I did just joined)

Mate: None

Family: Unknown

Username: Epicat123

Theme Song:(Is searching for one)

Element: Moon Dog

Sin: Greed


Accalia, being a Grey Wolf has a very strong build. Her coat is a grey that is close to a black color and her stomach, paws and chest is a white color. Her eyes are a bright yellow, almost to a gold color that give off a fearless vibe.


Accalia is a loyal wolf, she stands by her pack at all times. She is brave and warmhearted, never judging a wolf by it's appearance but by it's personality. She tends to get a little snappy at times and is not afraid to attack anyone who she thinks deserves to get attacked. But sometimes, Greed takes control, making her a selfish wolf who will kill to get what she wants.

Strange Traits And HabitsEdit

Accalia has a weird liking for the night and tends to howl at the Moon Dog a lot. Also she appears to see in the dark better then normal.




p.s i will fix this after christmas :3

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