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Welcome, Insert name here, to AbyssClan!

Darker than the shadows we may be, but remember that every dark side has a light side for there could be no darkness if there wasn't light.


The stars shine bright in the sky, aligning our path to our everlasting faith in Starclan.


[1] Check out our newest addition page.

HEY GUYS CHECK OUT OUR INSTAGRAM @spiralingintotheabyss



Welcome to Abyssclan and remember, Family is the most important thing you will ever have


Your paws are weary from your travels, each step even more torturous than the last. You could hear joyous sounds in the distance, the sound like music to your ears. Looking up only made the scene even more unreal, the light filtering in through the trees giving everything an alluring scene.

The different shades of green and yellow speckling the ground, the sound of water in the distance beckoning you forward. The twigs and moss underfoot slowly begins to give way to a more solid ground, pebbles and mud clearing the path straight to the water. Beyond the trees is a sheet of pure light, nothing identifiable beyond the treeline.

The mud eases the pain in your paw pads, each step becoming a little lighter than the one before. Your surroundings are lost to you as you slip out of the tree line, faced with a beautiful waterfall. The trees surrounding the waterfall give it a calm feel, as if this place has always been peaceful. The mesmerizing feel of the area around you drags you closer to the waters edge, your own pain blinding you to what's around you.

You relish in the feeling of the cool water against your suffocating pelt, the heat almost unbearable. Your paws suffer no longer as the water coats them, easing the pain you once felt.

"Are you alright,"A soft feminine voice sings out from your left, startling you.

You back away slowly, your hackles raised at the green eyed she cat. She gives you a soft look, as if she understands your injury and your pain. You relax slowly, taking a look at the cats still playing in the water. The cat in front of you stands in front of a black tom, his muzzle grey with age. His piercing blue eyes are pinned to you with a curious look, a black and brown tom on his right while a similar she cat stands to his left.

"Kestrel, get me some dock please,"The she cat in front of you murmurs quietly, the tom on the right taking off.

"Are you okay,"The black tom repeats the she cats earlier question, looking at you.

You remain quiet, unsure of the right or wrong answer. The smaller tom returns to the she cats side, dropping the herbs at her paws. She doesn't ask you anything as the tugs at you with her tail, bringing you from the water. She begins to chew the herbs brought to her, forcing your paws upward so she may treat them.

"Are you looking for sanctuary,"The black tom tries again, looking at you worriedly.

"Yes,"You reply finally, not meeting the toms icy blue gaze.

"Then you may find it here, Welcome to the Abyssclan territory,"He replies calmly, his eyes warm for such an icy color.

You nod softly, your gaze warming slightly as you take in the hyper clan. They are all in different positions from laying peacefully in the sun to playing in the water, everything about them relaxed and joyful.

"This is a beautiful home,"You murmur softly, hope blooming in your chest.

~By Darkstar~

Tumblr static dvgcjvf82y0occocso84kc4k8


"Like the Setting sun, We fall only to rise even Brighter" -Darkstar

"Even with Darkness Surrounding us, The Path to the light will always be clear" -Darkstar, During the Fall of Stormclan.

"Like Waves against the shore, we get stronger as we go on" -Darkstar, after his first defeat

"As calm as the breeze in the trees but as wild as the animals within them" -Darkstar

"It isn't the sharpness of ones Claws, but the sharpness of ones heart" -Spottedstar, Darkstar's first real leader.

"We are a family Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, yesterday, and Forever" -Darkstar

"Yesterday is no more, today is slipping out of your grasp. People die, things change, hearts are broken, we all move on. This is life" -Silvermoon

"Not all those that wander are lost"-Repeated by Shadowpaw.

"Your cat amount flows like a river. Your quicker than a flash.  Your choices are for the best, even if their hard to do. You'll always be there, For anyone and everyone even through the toughest of times. I wish for StarClan to forever light your paths. I may not be one of you, but that doesn't stop us from being friends. You're the best Clan I've ever met. Even when you're all, distant faded memories and when you are you'll be good memories" -Lunarstar about Abyssclan.

"Your friendship is enough to me. Friends are always important in the darkest of times, and as yours I will always stand beside you just as you have stood beside me. As we have many times before, we will face death together if it is needed" -Darkstar (requested by Lunarstar).

"Darker than the shadows we may be, but remember that every dark side has a light side to it for there could be no darkness if there wasn't light." -Fadefall

"A warrior feeds his body well;he trains it;works on it. Where he lacks knowlage he studies. But above all he must believe in his strength of will, of purpose, of heart and soul."-Snowfur

"Starclan (God) gave us two ears and one mouth, we should listen more then we talk."-Sandclaw

"Once a family always a family, that is how we live."-Darkstar

"Our paths may differ and lead us in different directions but one day they will cross again, and I hope they never meet out of war."-Darkstar.

"Life is like hunting a sparrow. It will fly away if you don't catch it on time."-Clearkit

"We started as enemies but then grew to realize the things we had in common and the world no longer seemed to be so lonely, you helped give me reason to live my life,"-Silentmelody

"My love for this family only grows as they days go on, you taught me that some things are worth protecting,"-Shrewpelt

"I may not be able to protect the clan through tooth and claw but I can be there when they need me most,"-Bluepelt

"Even if my body is bleeding and broken beyond repair, I will fight for you. For it was you who gave me strength in the darkest moment, who gave me a reason to keep living. My life is forever yours and in return, I will fight,"-Sparrowwing, to Darkstar after the loss of a loved one.

"Life is a never ending cycle of death. We live to die, only to live and die again. It's what we do within the time of our life before our deaths that matter, and for you I will live that time as two people. I will live my life for you and myself, so that when the day comes for us to reunite we can both admit to a life well lived,"-Sparrowwing, tribute to Wildflame

"You will be remembered as you were: a Friend, a brother, an irreplaceable being in our lives. You were smiling even in the darkest of times, even when the time called for crying. You would smile even through tears, just to make sure everyone was alright. This is a debt I can never repay, a life I will never see grow, and a soul I will never share,"-Silentmelody, tribute to Wildflame

"Our time was short, but it was great. The time we spent together may not have always been the best, but the memories we made will forever last. May we reunite in the next life, and live until we are old and grey,"-Darkstar, tribute to Wildflame

"Our lives will never be the same without you present, never a day will go by without thoughts of you. You were the light in dark times, the calm voice in howling winds, a gentle hand in nights of terror. You kept us from together, you were what brought us into this clan. You brought us into this life of wonderful adventure and we will live it just as you have, we will never forget you. Wild Flame, you will always be an untamed flame that protected instead of harmed,"-Thistlefur, Tribute to Wildflame.

"Our time is up, the years we spent together. As your sister, I will never forget you. Your life affected mine in ways I never would have thought, ways I never even realized. Our mornings before class will go by with silence now, no one to wave me off as we part ways at the intersection. You will no longer be standing there leaning against the fence, waiting for me at the intersection after school. I wish our time together hadn't come to an end, but I will hold every memory of you until we meet again. May our lives forever intertwine, and may our destiny carry on into the next life,"-Goldenstrike, Tribute to Wildflame



Previous Polls

1/1/17- Peaceful won for the intro


☁Dens Used☁Edit

Early Leafbare- Friendship Cottage

Leafbare- Winter Palace

Late Leafbare- Princess Castle

Early Newleaf- Cosmos Den

Newleaf- Lucky Castle

Greenleaf- Beach house

Late greenleaf- Sky Kingdom

Early Leaffal- Sir Gilberts Palace

Leaffall- Greelys Hideout 

Late Leaffall- Epic Haunted Manor

Training hollow- Foxthefab (owned by Darkstar)

Festival of Combat Den(s)- Volcano Den, Small house.

Festival Dens- Crystal Palace, Mushroom Hut

Moonstone- Enchanted Hollow

Disaster Den- Pixel Place

The training hollow can be used at any time, make sure you add the user.  The purpose of this den is only if you are being bothered by regular jammers in the territory while training or during times of war when the territory is no longer safe.

The disaster den is only used during natural disasters such as a flood or forest fire. 


Gatherings can only be scheduled on Friday evenings after 4:30 Pm Eastern US time, Saturday between Noon and 8:00 pm Eastern US, and Sundays between Noon and Midnight.






Groups Present:


Roleplay? Recruiting? Orientation? Species? Amount? Alliance?
Traditional Yes Neutral-Leaning

Towards Light



55 10, Accepting more

Badges and TagsEdit

Tag color is Silver

Leader: Star
  • Tag Color
  • Leaders
  • Deputys
  • Medicine Cats
  • Warriors
  • Apprentices
  • Queens
  • Kits
  • Elders

Deputy: Wing

Medicine Cat: Flower or Clover

Warrior: Lightning

Apprentice: Paw

Queen: Heart

Kit: Panda

Elder: Penguin

☁Page Editor Information☁Edit

Wiki User

& AJ User

Oc Name


What can

They Edit?




Entire Page



Senior Warrior

Entire Page

Silverstaramh/silverstaramh Silvermoon Deputy Entire Page

Please Post this Form on the Leaders Message Wall

Wiki Editor Form:



Wiki User& AJ User-

Reason for wanting to be an editor-

There Can only be 3 Editors at one time. You may not edit anything outside of your specified areas, if you do so without proof of permission you will be removed from the editor position.



January- Waters Freeze/Blizzard/Avalanche

February- Fluctuating Temperatures (Prey hides during low temps)

March- Flooding with Fluctuating Temperatures (Can get sick)

April- Strong Winds(Can knock a cat over)

May- Small Tornado (Nothing Drastic)

June- Wildfire (Nothing so Drastic that the whole Forest disappears

July- Drought/Wildfire/Heatwave

August- Heatwave/Drought

September- Severe Thunderstorm/Wild fire

October- Landslides/Earthquake(nothing drastic)

November- Flooding

December- Greencough Outbreak

Special thanks to everyone who participates in these events/Helped create these events

January- Cans litter the territory around the Twoleg borders

February- The water at Kimbara has been contaminated

March- Twolegs have been spotted in the territory chasing cats, be watchful

April- Twolegs are playing games in the territory, stay away from brightly colored smooth objects

May- The Twolegs have been taking walks on the trails, stay off the trails

June- Rats have nested in the territory(3 Nests of them)

July- Twolegs Surround the waters in Zios and Kimbara.

August- Twolegs have Left their trash on the territory and it is scaring Prey.

September- Twoleg Contamination causes Prey to get stuck and die

October- Small Twolegs are running around the border to the Twoleg territory

November- Prey is being hunted by Twolegs, be careful when hunting birds.

December- Twolegs have built traps around the territory for prey, be careful where you step.


What the leader says it to be followed.

Sarepia on any server except for Aldan is off limits due to territory issues.

No Double clanning allowed, that goes for all types of role play not just clans/packs.

Anyone caught within the territory, camp, or den of an enemy will be exiled.

Outsiders are not allowed to be brought into the camp or territory, anyone caught disobeying this rule will be charged with treason and endangering the clan and therefore will be exiled or executed depending on the majority rule.

All alliances are to be treated with respect, anyone caught disrespecting an ally will be demoted to a lower position.

Attacking without direct order will lead to a demotion with the charge of causing conflict.

If you do anything to harm another intentionally, you will be exiled on charges of treason and plotting against the clan with ill intent.

You must be active to remain a full member of this clan, if you are inactive for over 10 days without an explanation you will be removed from the clan.

All kits/pups are to be treated with the utmost care, even if they do not belong to our clan or an ally.

Anyone caught stealing, harming, or endangering a kit/pups life will be executed even if the kit/pup does not belong to the clan.

All queens in search of kits will be required to have a warrior or two with them while they search for kits to mother.



Each punishment will be given depending on the offense(s) you have made. We will not tolerate with cats who repeatedly misbehave. (The number of a rule will be put next to the punishments) '


Treason, Endangering the life of a cat in the clan, killing innocence.


Double clanning, Endangering the life of a cat in the clan, Creating unnecessary conflict.


10-14 days

Disobeying simple orders, Disrespecting an ally to the clan, Creating unnecessary drama, Acting childish or foolish during times of seriousness


in front

of the Clan

Disobeying simple orders, acting childish or foolish in times of seriousness.

Delayed Ceremony

Disrespecting the leader or someone of a higher position, Disrespecting an allied clan.

Confined to


Disobeying orders while on patrol, Suspected of treason, Being foolish and causing another cat injury.

No prey until Given Permission

Acting foolish and embarrassing the entire clan in a time of great peril, Disobeying orders.

Cleaning out Dens

Apprentice only punishment

If you mess with the herbs or elders, the medicine cat and the elders get to choose the punishment you receive.


☁Roleplay Time ScheduleEdit

N/A Means Not Available (Based on Schoole Schedule/ When Darkstar will be on)

Monday N/A 4:30-9:00
Tuesday N/A 4:30-9:00
Wednesday N/A 4:30-9:00
Thursday N/A 4:30-9:00
Friday N/A 4:30-9:00
Saturday 10:00 10:00
Sunday 9:00 9:00

Monday N/A 1:30-6:00
Tuesday N/A 1:30-6:00
Wednesday N/A 1:30-6:00
Thursday N/A 1:30-6:00
Friday N/A 1:30-6:00
Saturday 7:00 7:00
Sunday 6:00 6:00

Monday 10:30 3:00
Tuesday 10:30 3:00


10:30 3:00
Thursday 10:30 3:00
Friday 10:30 3:00
Saturday 4:00 4:00
Sunday 3:00 3:00

Monday 2:00 9:30
Tuesday 2:00 9:30
Wednesday 2:00 9:30
Thursday 2:00 9:30
Friday 2:00 9:30
Saturday 3:00 3:00
Sunday 2:00 2:00

Monday N/A 3:30-8:00
Tuesday N/A 3:30-8:00
Wednesday N/A 3:30-8:00
Thursday N/A 3:30-8:00
Friday N/A 3:30-8:00
Saturday 9:00 9:00
Sunday 8:00 8:00

These Times do not mean that you have to be on, these are just general ideas of the times Darkstar will be online.

☁Patrol TimesEdit

These will be written on the Eastern Time zone

(Fitted for the Summer Schedule)

Monday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00
Tuesday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00
Wednesday 9:00 12:00. 3:00, 6:00. 9:00
Thursday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00
Friday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00
Saturday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00
Sunday 9:00 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00

Monday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Tuesday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Wednesday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Thursday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Friday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Saturday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
Sunday 9:00, 11:00 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00

☁Cats of the Clan☁Edit


Name User Gender Breed Mate Lives Apprentice
Darkstar Fox0107 Male

Norwegian Forest

Abyssinian Tortoiseshell 


Fadefall 7/9 Vinepaw, Crimsonpaw,



  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar
  • Darkstar


Name User Gender Breed Mate Apprentice
Silvermoon Silverstaramh Female Norwegian Forest Tabby mix None Oceanpaw
  • Silvermoon


Name User Gender Breed Mate Apprentice
Fawnfeather xxcatsxx38 Female Ragdoll American Bobtail mix Silentmelody Lavenderpaw
  • Fawnfeather

Medicine Cat:1/1

Name User Gender Breed Apprentice
Rainfern Strongwarrior1 Female Egyptian Mau Kestrelpaw
  • Rainfern

Back up Medicine Cat-1/2

Name User Gender Breed Reason
Nightgaze Crystalgirl7024 Female Mainecoon Inactivity

No OC Page

No Photo

Medicine Cat apprentice:1/1

Name User Gender Breed Mentor
Kestrelpaw Jaylightningcat Male Norwegian Abyssinian Ehyptian Mau American shorthair mix Rainfern
  • Kestrelpaw

Border Patrol Leader 2/2

Name User Gender Breed Mate Apprentice
Fadefall Seacseal Female

Ehyptian Mau 

American Shorthair Mix

Darkstar None
Tinyclaw Lurokol Male Nile(Chausie)Cat None None
  • Fadefall
  • Tinyclaw

Hunting Patrol Leader 2/2

Name User Gender Breed Mate Apprentice
Silentmelody Shadow



Male Norwegian Forest Abyssinian Tortoiseshell Mix Fawnfeather Petalpaw
Pumpkinberry xxsoulenxx Female Tortoiseshell Tabby mix None Inkpaw
  • Silentmelody
  • Pumpkinberry


Name User Gender Breed Mate Apprentice
Orangeflame Puff2233 Male Norwegian Forest Cat Leopard


Leopardberry Ruff78 Female Ragdoll American bobtail mix Orangeflame None
Crimsonwing happytaffys Female Tabby Abyssinian mix None None
Silverpelt Cute



Female Siamese Tabby Calico mix Larkfang None
Sharpspine miss



Female Bombay None None
Larkfang Uric4 Male Savannah Somali mix Silverpelt None
Echoflight Joyjoy94 Female Chausie Tabby mix None Akira
Forestberry Treescope Female Siberian None None
Shrewpelt Taintedsouls Male Longhaired Manx Bluepelt None
Ashtail wolf4511 Female Abyssianin Tabby mix None None
Thornfrost Eucalyptusx Female Mainecoon Tabby mix None Coldpaw
Thistlefur Light

stone of


Female Siberian Forest Tabby mix Goldenstripe None
Goldenstripe Starclans


Female Kurilian bobtail Thistlefur None
Tantail My



Male Peterbald None None
Skytail Her




Male Russian blue manx mix None None
Leopardsong Infinity


Female Ehyptian Mau Bengal mix None Finch
Hollywhisker starclan


Female Ocicat None None
Sorrelfang Sorrelfang Male Sphynx Sagetalon None
Sagetalon Sagetalon Female Peterbald Sorrelfang None
Birchfur xxfurxx Male Kurilian bobtail Paleshade None
Paleshade shining




Female Devon Rex Birchfur None
Redmoon ajwolf00 Female Siamese None None
Phoenixwing clans4324 Male Abyssinian Mix None None
Cloudtail pawsandflaws Male Egyptian Mau None None
Serenity chopperman Female Siberian None None
  • Orangeflame
  • Leopardberry
  • Shrewpelt
  • Thornfrost
  • Thistlefur
  • Goldenstripe
  • Tantail
  • Skytail
  • Hollywhisker
  • Sorrelfang
  • Sagetalon
  • Birchfur
  • Paleshade
  • Phoenixwing
  • Cloudtail
  • Serenity


Name User Gender Breed Mentor
Lavender paw Tangerinepress Female Norwegian Forest Abyssinian Egyptian Mau American Short hair mix.  Fawnfeather
Vinepaw Iamtherealvinepaw Female Singapur Norwegian Forest Abyssinian mix. Shrewpelt
Akira Sandybeach427 Female Mainecoon Echoflight
Petalpaw fivesecondsofsummerg Female Somali Silentmelody
Crimsonpaw sunstarstrail Male Cornish Rex Darkstar
Finch Venturous Female Domestic Shorthair Leopardsong
Coldpaw Jarrix90 Female Siberian Thornfrost
Inkpaw Januml788 Male American Shorthair Pumpkinberry
Nightpaw Vexushexus Male Mainecoon Darkstar
Oceanpaw Sophias716 Female Norwegian Forest Russian Blue mix Darkstar


Name User Gender Breed Mate
Bluepelt xxrainclawswhisperxx Female Russian Blue Shrewpelt


Name User Gender Breed Parents Moons
Owlkit sapling86 Female Japanese bobtail N/A 3-4 moons
Sunkit iamtigerstar0203 Male Egyptian Mau American Shorthair Abyssinian Mix

Mom: Fadefall



4 moons
Lunakit Maynay10 Female Maine Coon N/A N/A
Silverkit Georgia77150 Female American Shorthair Persian Mix N/A N/A
Whisperkit Pixelpuppett Female Oriental Shorthair N/A N/A
Lightningkit D2448 Female British Shorthair Tabby N/A N/A
Viperkit Treacheryy Female Balinese None 3 moons
Brackenkit Brackentailz Male American Short hair None 2 moons

No Photos


Name User Gender Breed Reason
Snowfeather crystalgirl7024 Female

Norwegian Forest


Not very Active

No photos


☁Mentor Pairings☁Edit

Mentor :






















Silvermoon Oceanpaw

☁Couples of the Clan☁Edit

♡ Darkstar X Fadefall

♡ Silentmelody X Fawnfeather

♡ Larkfang X Silverpelt

♡ Bluepelt X Shrewpelt

♡Thistlefur X Goldenstrike

♡Orangeflame X Leopardberry

♡SorrelFang X Sagetalon

♡Birchfur X Paleshade




Cause of Death



Old Age






Killed by a Fox



Death by Monster



Killed by Toren Akeli

of Astral Canines


☁Dress Code☁Edit

     Ninja Mask
     Flower Crown
     Raccoon Hat
     Head Feather

If you have items not listed here please speak with Darkstar about it, certain items not listed will be allowed as long as they do not make you look like a regular Jammer (Kittypet).

     Long Spiked collars
     Short Spiked collars
     Ribbon Scarf
     Moon Necklace
     Fang Necklace
     Leaf Necklace
     Deer Fur
     Pine cone Necklace

If you have items not listed here please speak with Darkstar about it, certain items not listed will be allowed as long as they do not make you look like a regular Jammer (Kittypet).

     Worn blankets
     Bow and Arrows
     Jamaaliday bow
     Spartan Armor
     Elf Armor
     Stone sword

If you have items not listed here please speak with Darkstar about it, certain items not listed will be allowed as long as they do not make you look like a regular Jammer (Kittypet).

     Elf bracelets
     Horned Leg pads
     Friendship bands
     Leg Armor
     Arm cuffs
     Vine anklets

If you have items not listed here please speak with Darkstar about it, certain items not listed will be allowed as long as they do not make you look like a regular Jammer (Kittypet).

      Elf Tail Armor
      Raccoon Tail
      Feather Tail
      Diamond Shop Armor Tails
      Phantom Tail Armor
      Silver and Gold Tail Armor

If you have items not listed here please speak with Darkstar about it, certain items not listed will be allowed as long as they do not make you look like a regular Jammer (Kittypet).


The colors
Use the Animals fitted to your OC's actual size please

Warriors-Wolf (normal), Fox (small), Arctic Fox (medium)

Apprentice- Fox (normal), Arctic Fox (large), Lynx (small)

Kits- Rabbit (normal), Lynx (large)

Elders- Same as warrior

Medicine Cat(s)- Same as Warrior and Apprentice

Deputy- Same as warrior

Leader- Same as warrior


☁Important Information☁Edit

This is important information to those planning to join.

•If a mentor and apprentice pairing are both kik users and are in the AbyssClan group chat they can train on kik within the group chat. If a mentor is unable to get on aj but can get on kik, this will help continue the process of training.

•If an apprentice requests a new mentor, even if theirs is active, it will lead to an assessment of that warriors skills. If no problem is found with that warriors skills then the apprentice's request will be denied. IF another request is set in place with valid reasoning then an assessment on that reason will be put forth, if the request proves true then it will be accepted and if not it will be denied.

•Any Senior warriors wishing to take on more than 1 apprentice must first ask for permission and prove that their original apprentice is to inactive, uncooperative, or close to becoming a warrior. If the apprentice is uncooperative, it is to be reported immediately to either the leader or deputy. Following this will be an assessment of their skills and if they fail to pass, they will be given a new mentor. If the new mentor has the same problems the apprentice will be trained by whoever wishes to train them the days they get on.

•New warriors will get apprentices that know how to roleplay, even if its horrible, and apprentices that understand what they are doing.

•Senior warriors will mentor kittypets or cats with little knowledge of the warrior realm.

•Kits must be in the clan for 2 weeks to become an apprentice.

•When a kit becomes an apprentice, or an apprentice joins, they will be required to have 2 weeks total of training. That is 2 REAL weeks. If they have covered all hunting and fighting styles that have been taught in less than 2 weeks, they will work on finding their own style or learn vocabulary (optional) in the remaining time. Within those 2 weeks, they have to have at least 12 hours of training on hunting and fighting types. If you have questions, please ask Darkstar.

Only 1 natural disaster per month, only lasts up to 3 days. Only 1 prophecy per month, approved by the leader.

Only 2 twoleg related incidents a month, approved by the leader and no longer than 2 days.

Time Passes at the same rate as a real day where ever the Leader is.(Example: 6pm Eastern, 6pm roleplay time)


Screenshot 2015-12-05-09-37-42 20151205095223486
Here is how the name came to be... There was once a time where sinful and corrupted cats ruled the Abyss. The nefarious cats schemed together to plan a raid against Starclan but not all felt the same about attacking. So they left. The cats traveled to Starclan's border where they met Starclan members. They informed the cats of the Abyss' plans, another division of malicious felines unheard of to Starclan. The Starclan cats had gone to warn the rest of their clan. The night afterwards, cats from all of Starclan gathered and attacked the wicked cats of the Abyss, being lead to their base by the cats who warned them. The vile felines were defeated for they were shocked and unprepared. The Abyss became free of cruel cats and Starclan was thankful for their efforts to help. It was decided to grant those cats who warned Starclan a second chance to deem themselves worthy of being a Starclan cat. Those few felines were reborn into Shadowclan and learned the ways of the clan. Later, they left and formed Abyssclan, where their faith became everlasting.


( X means they are buddied Alliances. O means they are unbuddied alliances.)

Buddied/Group name/ leaders name/ leaders user/species/

Stormclan, Abyssclan, and Canines of Armageddon

Alliance Count: 8

X-HawkClan-Wolfstar-Hawgpound-Domestic Felines

X-FireClan (Tessabird)-Fala-Tessabird-Multi-Species

O-TimberClan (Shinehoofs)-Ravenstar-Shinehoofs-Canines & Domestic Felines

O-KarmaClan-Shade-crystalapple13- Multi-Species

O-TurquoiseClan-Turquoisestar-Wolfey8000-Domestic Felines

X-The Shrouded Claws-Darkstar&Emeraldstar-supersharkie&countfancypenguin-Domestic Felines

O-Omen Clan-Ridgestar-Monochromaticzz-Domestic Felines

X-SleetClan (iheartpotato)-Fatestar&Kevin-Iheartpotato&Vitalizing-Big Cats


Amount: 2

Clan Of The Hypnotic Felines-Burstar-s80111

ThornClan (Fallenfern)-Fernstar-Fallenfern



Astral Canines-Amali-Unknown Reason: Darkstar's mother leads this pack. She has threatened war and to claim the lives of several cats within the clan.

☁Joining Form☁Edit

<u>IMPORTANT: Read the rules before filling this out. You will be expected to know them when you join.


•OC Name (Can be a link):

•Requested Rank:



•Speed or Strength:


•Realistic Photo

•Reason for joining:

•Previous roleplay groups:

•Reasons for leaving previous roleplay groups:

•Roleplay example:

•Moons (If you're a kit)

•Free Chat?:

Free Chat is not a required thing to join this clan. Knowing if you have free chat or not helps us know what things you are capable of saying and what things you cannot. This is especially important in apprentices, we need to know so we can place you with a mentor you can actually learn with.

☁Alliance Form☁Edit


•Clan/Pack/Tribe Name (Can be a link):

•Leader's Name:


•Deputy's Name:


•Reason for Alliance:

•Extra Information:

•How did you find us?

•Cats, Big Cats, and/or Dogs?

☁Neutral Form☁Edit

•Leader's Name:

•Leader's User:

•Clan/Pack/Tribe Name (Can be a link):


•How you met/found us:

There is no Enemy form, enemies are made on AJ itself.

☁Festivals and Holidays☁Edit

                          CJuly 7th

Celebrating the lives of those who have passed on and watch over us. We will hunt until sun high and feast as the sun begins to set in the distance and those who have passed begin to look upon us.

                          January 18th

We will celebrate the cat who brought us this clan and will remain a story told as the ages go on. We will tell the stories of the old and keep them in mind for the future to come. We will forever Celebrate the life Spottedstar gave to us.

                          Announced the first of every month

We will celebrate our many moons of training, battles, and happy days with a contest of skill. Cats of the clan, and allies, will be able to join in as long as they have checked in with the host, Abyssclan. Claws will be sheathed in these contests, any signs of claw use will get you banned from participating again. The contests will be held in high spirits and peace. Each cat will be placed into a randomized bracket which will then be posted(under Festival of Combat) and as you win you move up to the next round.

                          May 25th

We will celebrate the life that has been brought into the clan with a day of peace. There will be no roleplay unless that's what the clan desires. There will be no aggressive or dramatic roleplaying unless it is through training.

                          December 20th

This is a festival that will be celebrated through a show of skills. We will not be facing up against each other but instead show the rest of the clan our own personalized talents. From hunting techniques to hiding techniques we will all share which ever ones we wish to and only if we want to.

                          Adventure Based Holiday

This holiday is celebrated whenever the clan decides to. This is an adventure based holiday where a large group of the clan will go on an adventure (like Battle for the Beacon) and spend time together like family/friends.

                          Takes place the last week of every month

This Celebration will be held to celebrate our bonds of friendship with our allies. There will be sparring matches, hunting, wrestling for kits, and even herb contests for the medicine cats. The herb contest will be about who has the most creative ideas for healing a cat. Hunting contests will be about whoever can catch the most prey in under 5 minutes (I will time it). Sparring will be whoever can pin their opponent by the throat in under 10 minutes, the match must last longer than 5 minutes. Wrestling matches will be about whichever kit can pin their opponent in under 5 minutes. Kits will also have a Scavenger hunt.

                          December 26th

This is a moment where we will honor the death of Wildflame. In his honor there will be no roleplay on this day, only a day to restore peace within ourselves and our lives.He may not have been known well within the clan, but he did more behind the scenes than any of you knew.


☁Festival of Combat☁Edit


1. Claws sheathed.

2. Fight must last longer than 5 minutes or there will be a rematch with a new opponent.

3. No longer than 15 minutes or it will result in a tie and a rematch with a new opponent.

4.To win you must pin your opponent by the throat.

5. If another clan attends then there will be mixing clans for partners.

7. Traditional Roleplay.
  • Festival of Combat March 25, Taken by Darkstar
  • Festival of Combat April 22, Taken by Darkstar


Friday February 24th-Sunday February 26th

6:00 am Eastern US Friday morning-12:00 am Eastern US Sunday night.

☁Whose against Who☁Edit





Apprentices: N/A Final


Winners Edit

Friday March 25, 2016

Fadefall: 6 minutes and 23 seconds.


**All dates are MM/DD/YY, News will be cleaned out every first of the month**

~General News~


~We Welcome~

(3/11/17) We Welcome Viperkit as a Kit of Abyssclan!

(3/15/17) We Welcome Phoenixwing as a Warrior of Abyssclan!

(3/17/17) We Welcome Cloudtail as a Warrior of Abyssclan!

(3/18/17) We Welcome Serenity as a Warrior of Abyssclan!

(3/21/17) We Welcome Brackenkit as a Kit of Abyssclan!

~Farewell To~

(3/5/17) Twilightkit, may starclan light your way!
































Shadowstrike Jammer1my9q


Screenshot 2016-03-14-22-10-05

The tan and orange pelts of the cats blend in with the constantly shifting sand, the light reflecting off of it like a wild fire. This place has little cover during the summer months, the sun baring down on the baked dry earth. The small river within this area of the territory doesn't dry up in the summer, but the water does get a bit warm. The prey here is plentiful all year round due to the temperature never falling below 80. This territory is a beautiful place, one of shifting sands and colorful prey. By: SilentMelody


This is a perfect hunting spot for cats who hunt like the tribes, the mud and trees provide perfect shelter for those trying to use stealth to their advantage. Outsiders often get stuck in the mud, having not been used to the thick substance covering a majority of the territory. This territory is a wonderful place to test your endurance and your tree climbing abilities, both vital parts of every warriors life. By: SilentMelody

Screenshot 2016-03-14-22-36-58

Even though Kimbara’s heat may sway the mind from entering there are plentiful pools that lies ahead. The pools are deep and are chock full of many fish as well as many types of prey. The soft sand is perfect for evening naps as well as cover for cats with tan fur. It is said that it is an old twoleg area because of the times we find them here. By: Eureka

Screenshot 2016-03-14-22-44-20

This territory is in constant use, the dense forest provides a moderate temperature all year round. Rain falls steadily within this territory, sometimes never ceasing until the next sunrise. The prey here is large all year round, despite the harsh winters that fall upon even this territory. The snow doesn't blanket the ground often, but when it does the entire clan knows it isn't safe to venture out to far. Despite the severe weather change this territory is where the clan spends most of it's time due to the temperature being moderate.This territory also holds scents from the past, although long since abandoned the clan believes it is proof that others were here way before us and that their secrets remain hidden within the crumbling fortress. By: SilentMelody

Screenshot 2016-03-14-22-32-36

The cold weather alone would make a cat fearful of this place, but it's truly astonishing. Prey and plants may be scarce, but it has its benefits. A great place to clear one's mind. The hot spring that bubbles from the source even holds secrets of its own. There is a thin sheet of ice, however, that proves predator to any cat. It's a good place to practice a cat's awareness of such things. By: RainFern

Screenshot 2016-03-14-23-01-00

This clearing is almost impossible to reach without the aid of someone who knows the way to the entrance. This clearing itself is surrounded by thick trees whose trunks stand tightly together, as if fate had destined it to be made this way. A small tunnel underneath the trunks of one of the trees stands as the entrance, the walls of the tunnel being made of stone. It isn't quite clear how the stone tunnel got there, or how the clearing came to be but the clan is safe within this hollow. The temperature stays moderate all year round, even when snow is falling upon the uppermost branches of the large trees. By: SilentMelody

☁Theme Songs☁Edit

Three Days Grace- One-X (lyrics)04:48

Three Days Grace- One-X (lyrics)

One X-Three Days Grace - Credits go to Murai for suggesting the song.


To get the photos done please send them to '
  • Darkstars family, Taken by Darkstar :D
  • The Siblings
  • The 3 Turkeys ( Dark, Echo, Russet)
  • Willow, Russet, Echo, Dark, Silent
  • Iris, Russet, Fade, and Ven VS AJ Melody FIGHT OF 2017
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