Lilith's  Story

My pup years: I was my mothers (dreadthescarletibis) first born. She was protective of me and we have the tightest bond nobody can break. In my pup years we don't know who my father was, and because of that I was only raised by her. By the time I was around 6 months I met another guy who seemed to be my new step father, soon to realize he was a fake. I was slightly upset, my mother seemed broken at the time and she was usually mad by the fact that he was a fake and now gone, so I ran off to a forest to think when I was attacked by a large horrific hound. The hound was much older than I was. He locked his powerful jaws around my neck and shook me, I couldn't fight back for I was only a pup. Suddenly the massive hound was attacked by another dog who appeared black and slim, I didn't think to say thank you, instead I ran off To get help. That would be explaining the many scars upon my neck.

My broken heart: I haven't had much of a love life, my heart is mostly cracked and broken. Bits and pieces shoved into the bottomless earth. I started out with a handsome dog named Black. He was strong, brave, and cunning. He was deputy of Demon pack. sadly, his job as an deputy became harder the alpha asked if he would become mates with her daughter. he did. He cheated on me for 2 moons. I found out and left him. I became slightly faded, like a ghost. Until I met Shasta, a sweet vicious and cleaver canine, he was broad and tough. We became best friends then mates, we would lay gazing at the stars until one day a small skinny she wolf came and said she had been his mate for 8 moons, we found out he too was cheating and we ended up finding out he was mates with 4 dogs. I was completely done, I had a few mates here and there not long lasting ones, they only wanted to have pups or cheated on me ( I never did have pups btw ). Only then after I joined Dreads Tribe did I meet a wolf dog mix. His name was Traith, he never did became my mate. I tried getting him to join my tribe, he never did. One day he came to me and said that he really needed to tell me something, he pulled me in close to say, " I got a mate". He soon after tried joining my tribe, I said yes and he lasted for a day. Saying, he couldn't really fit in. Instead he joined an enemy tribe with his mate. He said he was doing it so I wouldn't get hurt, yet he knew it hurt me. I told him how I liked him, and then his mate arrived. His alpha (not saying who) She called me ugly, and I kinda gave up on myself. I lost my best friend and my crush that day. No longer will I try to get a mate. Its useless to try and love someone when you get hurt every time.